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Straight Lads Exposed features naked amateur guys and athletes who have been caught on cam flashing, naked or semi-naked, and you'll find all kinds of straight-looking amateurs in the line-up. The site has a leaning towards athletes and sporty guys, with many of the amateurs being in their 20s and 30s and in good shape. While more of the guys are white, you'll find a variety of types including black studs, Latinos, British guys, European men, and Americans in a mix - in fact, there's a wide variety of types who have gone naked in front of a camera. It's been about three and a half years since we last visited this site, so it's time to log in and see what's new.

These are all guys who film themselves naked at home or who film themselves (or get filmed) at frat parties, hazings, in the locker rooms after a rugby match, or out on naked demonstrations, and at other events. You're going to find strippers in action, straight guys doing some macho cock slapping together, gay sex caught on voyeur cams, and straight sex, too; there's also wrestlers in Lycra, public and private stunts, flashing - if it's naked (or partly naked) and you can name it, this site has gathered it together. It's genuine amateur guys in genuine home movie clips, with some cam and TV clips thrown in.

And let's not forget the pissing videos. There are at least a few hundred videos showing guys pissing in public restrooms, in the forest or outdoors, and in a variety of public locations. You'll find sportsmen wearing their uniforms as they urinate, and I also found videos of guys relieving themselves in the snow. There's more piss videos here than I've found in some piss-themed sites.

As of today, Straight Lads Exposed offers a whopping 35,053 video clips. The clips are downloadable in Flash format. Some of the oldest videos are sized at around 608x360; one of the newest videos was sized at 1280x720 while another only played at 316x568, and many vids are shot vertically. Video quality varies a lot - sometimes the videos look pretty good while at other times it's pretty rough, but keep in mind that these movies come from phones and home video cams, or were taken at parties, hazings, and at nude beaches. Runtimes vary from a few seconds to ten minutes or more. The videos can be streamed if you have Flash installed in your browser, and unusually enough for Flash videos, the movies played on my Android phone and tablet.

When it comes to video updates, Straight Lads Exposed's 35,053 video clips is 11,169 more than there were about three and a half years ago, which comes pretty close to the 10 new videos the tour says they add each day. The site does add multiple videos every day, obviously a good thing, but I sometimes found days where there were seven or eight videos added on some days. Overall, even though some clips are short, there's so many videos here and so many updates that members will always have something new to watch.

Straight Lads Exposed also offers 3,106 picture sets in a wide variety of qualities and sizes. Among the photos I downloaded were pics sized at 535x834, 1280x961, 760x1024, 1444x2018, 750x742, 521x684, and 320x316, but the smallest sized pics were stretched to display larger on the page, which impacted their quality. Most of the galleries have anywhere from 17 to over 75 pics per gallery, but a few of the very oldest sets, listed as "Famous Sportsmen," had only a single pic, and the thumbs were missing, but by clicking the error you are taken to the photo. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, although you can save individual pictures; as with the videos, there's no information other than the title of the gallery.

Worthy of note is the Browse page. This is basically a detailed list of categories and really helps you find the kind of content you like. Videos and galleries are often categorized with things like "beach : nudist," "sportsmen : locker room," "pissing : parks forests," "public : public transport," and the list goes on and on. On the Browse page you find those categories and many more (like celebrities, parties, pissing, and wank). You'll find "army, navy & air force," "Asian" and "assholes" near the top of the page and "university," "wank" and "wrestling naked" are near the end of the list. And there are all kinds of other categories in between; you can even filter the sportsmen by their sports.

Members get access to two bonus sites: Male Strippers Exposed and Real Naked Athletes. I was able to enter the stripper site with my username and password and found loads of hand-held videos and phone recordings of male strippers at clubs and parties, plus some TV show clips about the performers, all with downloadable videos and photos. The athlete site has over 5,000 videos and lots of athletes (including some famous guys and many I'd never heard of, the Cambridge Rowing crew, and some actors like Channing Tatum) in videos and pics, with similar quality to our main content. These sites are good extras, and they stay with the amateur, naked, caught-on-cam, type of feel.

Does the site have any issues? Well, as I mentioned, if your browser doesn't have Flash installed, you can't view the streaming videos but you can still download them. Many of the videos are quite short; of the six latest videos, some are as short as eight to ten seconds while others range from one to a little over two minutes, so while you are getting frequent updates, don't expect as much run time as you'd get from a standard porn site. And not all the guys are straight - trust me, sometimes it's easy to tell - and probably some aren't exactly amateurs. But so many are, so it's not a problem. On a very minor note, the tour says the site adds 10 videos per day where the members area says it adds nine.

Straight Lads Exposed delivers on their promises of real amateur guys and daily updates. The site's a giant mix of all kinds of amateurs doing all kind of crazy and sometime sexy things with some kind of nudity or flashing involved in each video clip or each small photo collection. The site is priced at a very reasonable recurring rate, and with over 35,000 video clips, tons of photos plus the bonus sites, you get a lot for your money here. As long as you accept that the quality of much of the content is not going to be stunning, and at times is going to be on the low side, then you shouldn't have anything to complain about at Straight Lads Exposed. It's an amateur site that works fine and gives you lots to see with lots of variety.

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