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Straight College Men has been around since 2001, offering college guys (many straight) in a mix of solo jerkoff and guy/guy videos. The guys here mostly seem to be real amateurs, and while many do have that straight college boy look, some do not. Many of the guys are 18 through 21 years old, although there are some 26 to 29 year olds, as well. All the guys have a casual, laid-back look, and a few here and there are scruffy and tattooed, and look more like neighborhood trouble-makers than college students. And some are married with families and jobs, which isn't what I expect in a college site, but delivers the goods if you're looking for straight amateurs.

The action here is a mix of mutual masturbation, gay hardcore and solo strip and jerkoff sessions. While some of the performers are not willing to be naked in front of another guy except for the camera man, some are curious about jacking off with another dude, or even kissing or sucking him, so expect handjobs, blowjobs and even some fucking. There are some good-natured threesomes and foursomes here, some sexy outdoor sex scenes, and something I found very hot is that the site sometimes pairs long-time best friends to get naked together and more.

Straight College Men offers 652 exclusive videos, and while the site stopped updating in 2010, that's still enough content to keep members pretty busy. The newer videos are offered for download in MP4, WMV and Real formats, sized at 768x432 and these are good amateur quality, with the MP4s having a bit of an edge. There are smaller versions including MP4s and M4Vs for mobiles, as well as streaming Flash versions if you'd rather watch without downloading. The oldest videos are available in ASF (a Windows format) and MP4, and while they're sized small at 360x260, they're decent quality, although I don't suggest going full screen with them. These are also available to stream and in clips.

There are 2 kinds of videos in the site - videos and auditions. The auditions are pretty much all solos, where there's mixed action in the regular videos. Around 100 of the newer auditions come with sets of pics, although none of the other videos do. These are screencaps, and are very good quality for screencaps. They're shown at 700x394, and the galleries are on the the lower part of each audition's page. While they cover the action well, there are no slideshows, downloadable zip files or other features. The older auditions have thumbs on the pages but these lead to parts of the videos.

Now let's talk about issues. As already mentioned, the site no longer updates, and hasn't updated in several years. Navigation can be a bit odd - there are a couple pages with over 200 videos listed on them, and the actual video pages can be confusing. The site lists the number of videos as about 200 more than there are. And membership to this site is on the pricy side - I don't usually mention this in the issues section, but $28.95 for a week and $44.95 for a month stood out for me.

Straight College Men delivers plenty of horny straight amateurs who are a mix of college guys and various types of college-age amateurs. There's a mix of solo masturbation and guys experimenting together with handjobs, blowjobs and some fucking, and there's plenty of solo auditions, as well. The content is exclusive, the 652 videos are downloadable or can be streamed, and there are mobile versions of all the videos, as well. Disappointingly the site doesn't update, but there's enough hot amateur guys at Straight College Men keep members happy for quite a while.

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