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Straight Bro is a new site featuring straight guys who are pushed into going past their sexual limits. Money is a stepping stone to help these guys out of their comfort zone, and sometimes even a little curiosity is enough to get them in front of the camera.

The guys at Straight Bro are amateurs in their twenties. They are average to good looking and they often have a bit of a scruffy look. You will find army guys, cops, friends who have known each other since high school - basically just your average guys you'll find at the store, the gym or on the street. There is quite some variation when it comes to their looks; some have athletic bodies, others are more beefy. Some of them have tattoos and body hair, while others are clean and smooth.

Watching a straight guy getting naked and jerking off is hot, but watching two straight buddies (bros) stroking their cocks together is even hotter. Some of these guys even agree to let another guy jack them off, and some are getting a blowjob from - or giving one to - another dude for the very first time. I guess money can help make straight guys just a little less straight. So far, Straight Bro is offering solo and duo scenes and at least one of the guys in each of those videos is straight. Sometimes both of guys are straight, which is a plus as you see the hesitation in their eyes.

Straight Bro now offers 18 videos in the member area, 4 more than there were 7 weeks ago. The scenes are not dated, but while the site claims to add a new video every week, it seems to be missing a couple updates since we first did this review.

The videos are offered as streaming MP4 files that open in a Flash-based player with a default size of 750x422. They are of good amateur quality, although some could use better lighting, and you can easily enlarge them to play in full screen mode without losing too much on the quality, although they do lose some sharpness. The videos can only be watched online since the site doesn't offer downloadable versions. Each video comes with a short write-up including some information about the guys and how they ended up in front of the camera. Members can leave comments as well.

Out of these 14 videos, nine of them come with screencaps. There are five images for each video and they open in a photo viewer at a size of 1200x800. You can browse from one image to the next one using the controls in the viewer or you could start the hands-free slideshow. You can save the individual images to your computer, but there are no downloadable zip files. The quality of the images is fairly good amateur, but it seems that the owners of this site got a fetish for watermarks since they have placed multiple big watermarks and logos in various locations all over the images.

This is a very minimalist site. There are streaming videos that come with short descriptions and sometimes a couple of images, and that's it. The sign-up page mentions weekly updates and bonus updates, but there are no dates on the regular updates, and the site has added 4 vids in the past 7 weeks. My concern is that the site is still on the small side, and I'd like to see more regular updates to help it grow.

Straight Bro offers amateur straight guys stroking their cocks - or each others' - in videos that are exclusive and can only be seen here. The site's been around for about 2 months, and now offers 18 vids, and while they are not offered for download, they are hot and entertaining. The site claims weekly updates, but looks like it's skipped a couple weeks; I'd have really liked to see dates on the updates. I believe that the straight guys here are really straight (which is hot), and I think that Straight Bro has a lot of potential.

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