Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Straight Boyz features horny amateur guys getting sucked through gloryholes, on beds and couches in a private home. The guys are mostly in their twenties and maybe early thirties, a variety of jocks and well-built hunks, some with a couple extra pounds. Most have smooth chests, some have tattoos - a few are very inked - and there are a couple slender guys who have a hint of twink about them. There are also some heavily tattooed guys with a thug/gangster look to them. Many of the amateurs here wear sunglasses (hint: sunglasses don't really hide enough of your face to make you anonymous to your friends), and many are wearing earbuds or earphones during the sessions.

Most of the videos here show guys getting sucked by an eager cocksucker you might consider a chub, and sometimes they fuck the sucker, as well. In a few videos, they get fucked (yeah, sure - lots of straight guys take it up the ass their first time with a guy) without a sign of foreplay or communication. Whether on a bed or through a gloryhole, our dick sucker is an oral expert, and definitely loves what he's doing as he services the guys. Sometimes he might reach up and tease their nipples or their balls and asshole for a few seconds during the blowjobs, and afterward they may laugh and joke for a minute. All the guys seemed very comfortable being serviced by another guy, which made me wonder if they were all straight - I'm guessing some may be bi or gay, where the rest are straight but willing to experiment.

In one video I watched (hookup 1), a guy walks in the front door, turns to his right, pulls out his dick (the good news is it's uncut) and shoves it through a gloryhole where it's sucked with passion by the guy on the other side of the door. There's no explanation of how our amateur knew where the gloryhole was or how he came to be there, but it's a hot blowjob session and is shown so we can see both sucker and suckee. Hookup 217 is different, as it starts with a cute guy sitting in shorts, his hands possibly bound to a chair. Our cocksucker comes in, pulls down his pants and underwear and sucks him off while the video is caught on a stationary camera. We never do see the hands of the guy getting sucked, so I can't be sure if they were tied or he just sat that way.

Straight Boyz has grown to offer 341 exclusive videos in MP4 format. These are streaming vids sized at 1140x640, and they're good amateur quality full scenes that still look pretty good enlarged to full screen. There are no downloads or clips available, nor are there smaller sizes or lower quality versions for those on slower internet connections. Still, the videos themselves are a good size; they played smoothly for me, and they are true streaming videos as I was able to fast-forward before each vid had fully loaded. Sound is okay, although there isn't much early on in most of the videos except for occasional music in the background.

The tour promises weekly updates, but good news is that lately the site has actually been adding 2 videos per week, although always on different days of the week. More good news is that the updates are now dated, so you can see at a glance when you log in when the most recent update was added.

Some of the issues we complained about on our last visit have been addressed. The updates are now dated, pagination has been added to make navigation easier and the pre-checked offer on the sign-up page has been removed. There is still a pre-checked email offer on the join page, and the site still claims to be the "world biggest collection of amateur videos" (it isn't). The link to home has been changed to "Full Videos", and no longer leads outside the member area, but the update page, called Latest Hookup, still leads to the tour.

I was disappointed to note that there are still no scene descriptions or model info, which I'd really like to see so we can learn more about the guys and the action. I'd also like to see an "about" page explaining who the main cocksucker is in the site and how they find the guys.

Straight Boyz delivers hot and horny amateurs from bad boys with attitude and lots of tattoos to well-built jocks getting their dicks sucked by an experienced cocksucker in beds, on couches and through a gloryhole. There are 341 exclusive videos that stream smoothly and look good, but aren't available to download. While there are no descriptions or information about the models, the site has added 121 videos in about 9 months, and that's pretty good - and the site is adding more frequent updates than is claimed on the tour. The men at Straight Boyz are hot, although the fact that many wear sunglasses or masks may or may not work for you, but you can get a fairly good idea of the amateurs and the action by checking out the tour.