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Jeff from Str8Cam is a hairy muscle guy who offers live shows plus videos of past live shows. Jeff's a well-built amateur with all his natural body hair, nicely trimmed facial hair and a twinkle in his blue eyes. He chats, he strips, he flexes his muscles. Then he shows off his ass and jacks off, often with a focus on the cum afterwards. To keep things fresh, he does his shows in various rooms and also sometimes wearing costumes like a cop outfit, workout clothes, a doctor ensemble and other stuff. He sometimes uses a Fleshjack, and in a video from last October, he fucked a pumpkin. He's also done some hot shower sessions.

Jeff's live shows (and videos) usually start with Jeff saying hi to his members. Then he tells us about his any new technical stuff he's gotten like new lighting or new a camera. He often talks about his life off cam, as well. Jeff is friendly and chatty, and he's usually still dressed at this point, it's usually workout clothes or other outfits that show off hairy, muscular body. He also talks about his workouts and shows off his muscular development before he takes off his clothes, shows off his stuff and starts jerking his cock and getting off for his members.

Str8Cam currently offers 582 exclusive videos, which are recorded live shows. The site offers 2 live shows per week, and he did do 2 shows the week I did this review, but updates didn't fare was well; last month the site added only 1 video and the month before there were 3 updates. The last several years of videos are offered in F4V format, sized at 720x480 at fairly good amateur quality. Older videos, which date back as far as 2002, are offered in WMV format at 320x240, and while quality isn't bad at these older vids' original size, I wouldn't suggest going full screen and sometimes the action is a bit jerky.

The site also offers 817 pic sets. The newer pics - sets from 2007 or newer - are offered at 640x480 and look pretty decent; the newest pics are sized at 720x480. The pics here are mostly screencaps taken from the videos, but seem to be hand-picked as they look pretty decent. The older pics are sized at 320x240, and in 555 of the oldest galleries, those pics are offered full-sized on the gallery pages, while the newer 320x240 pics are offered as smaller thumbs that click to the pics. One thing worth mentioning about the pics is that while all the older sets are of Jeff, some of the newest sets are pics from other sites, and while members do get access to those pics, they also get to read some advertising for the site each pic set is from.

The site does have some issues. The member home page, beside linking to all 582 videos on the left side of the page, plus links to the live show and the pic section, also links to a huge number of ads of all sorts. From thumbs that inexperienced members could mistake for content to banner ads for other member sites, ads for lube, links to DVDs for sale and sex toys, there are plenty of ads to be found. In fact, most of the real estate on the member home page is dedicated to trying to sell something. Still, there is a good amount of actual content. Oh, btw, I had to log in a couple times to get to the member area, no big deal, but a slight annoyance.

One other thing that threw me at first is that there's very little advance warning for Jeff's scheduled live shows. For 2 or 3 days after a live show, the previous show's date continues to be shown as the next live show date. Not to worry - this doesn't mean no new shows are coming.

Fans of hairy amateurs will probably like Jeff, the well-built star of Str8Cam. He's furry and muscular, a nice guy and horny enough to jerk off live twice a week. The site delivers the live shows, 582 exclusive videos and 817 pic sets, plus 1 to 3 monthly video updates. While I'm not in love with all the ads or the fact that each link opens a new window, I like everything else including the reasonable monthly membership price. While this isn't the place to find high end HD content or cutting edge navigation, Str8Cam is a nice place to visit if you're looking for intimate live shows in the home of a "regular guy".

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