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Sticky is something new on the adult scene from the folks at QueerClick. The site's a combination of social networking and a porn site. You'll find naked men, pics of male celebs, athletes, funny or odd pics - sometimes showing cocks - and magazine covers with sexy guys on them. You can clink to articles including sports scandals (nine athletes who accidentally show their bulges), watch masturbation and gay sex videos. I found pics of LeBron James' balls, detailed through thin fabric. Men in tight jeans, fully dressed guys looking at their cell phones, hanging out, or shooting selfies. Sexy cops, animated gifs of guys stroking their dicks, plenty of selfies of amateurs showing their bodies, either shirtless or nude, dildos, dudes sucking their own cocks, showing off their assholes, getting fucked - and a pic of a hamster sucking vigorously on the spigot of his water bottle.

You'll find every kind of man imaginable here, but there's a focus on well-built guys in their twenties and thirties as those seem to be the pics that users are posting and repinning. I found black studs, hairy hunks, college guys kissing, and some ENORMOUS cocks. There are tattooed guys, bearded men, Latinos, fashion models, classic porn stars from days gone by, thugs, all-American jocks, underwear models in tight briefs. There are bodybuilders showing off their bulging muscles in pics from websites, magazines, and ads.

And then there are pics and videos that don't show sexy men at all. There are animal pics, news articles including gay marriage and interest, and a few pics of food, and lots of humor. There are psychedelic animated gifs, an art section which is mostly full of sexy drawn or painted men. And then there's the Others category.

Of course, you can take part. You can upload a pin of your favorite sexy or naked pics or videos - in fact, Sticky wants you to. You can also repin your favorite pics and vids, add to your favorites, leave and read comments, follow your favorite users or send them messages, create your own board or add content from a website. The site also makes it easy to share your favorites on just about every social media site known to man, and also makes it easy to share with your buddies via email.

And there are lots of ways to browse and search Sticky. You can simply start scrolling down the main page, check out the newest stuff, the most popular or browse only the videos. You can also search by tags (there are LOTS of them), check out pics and videos only from the top rated users or browse by categories like Adult, Sports, and Nature & Pets, where you'll find pics and videos of cute animals, wildlife and hunky guys with their pets. And there's also a search box, which gives great results. I typed in "uncut" and got lots and lots of guys with foreskin cocks.

And all of this is totally free. It doesn't even require a credit card. And it's all mobile compatible, too.

And there is also a membership option called Sticky Premium where there are currently over 1,200 videos from clips to scenes, as well as tons of small photo galleries, and there are several updates daily. Some of the videos are exclusive content of horny Asian guys getting off, and there are also plenty of videos of bodybuilders and hunks. Paying members get higher visibility for their Stickies, new members automatically follow them, and they can create secret boards that aren't visible to anyone except people you invite to them. And paying members get access to that "restricted premium content" that free members can't view. Sticky says they're working on more member premiums, but in the meantime the prices are lower than most member sites for lots of content - $9.99 a month, $24.99 per quarter and $99 for a year.

There are a couple negatives worth mentioning - the first is upsells. The premium area has a number of listings that are text on a colored background that are actually videos for sale. Sometimes they're actually a package of a couple videos, and there are preview screencaps. The second is when you arrive at Sticky, you'll find yourself looking at a black page with some text and what appears to be two options; a link to create a free account and a link to log in. In reality, if you click the site name, you'll find yourself at the first page of the content as well as links to categories and more in the upper left corner.

What's really cool about Sticky is that there's constantly new content of all sorts being added by all kinds of people, and the content that's there is always being listed higher or lower as its pinned or unpinned. There are tons of pics of sexy guys' selfies (including lots of cock), celeb and athlete bulges, funny animal pics, porn stars both classic and current, body builders, pics and videos of guys jacking off, sucking cock, or fucking. There are links to news articles, entertainment articles. In fact, there's so much stuff and so many KINDS of stuff that it defies categorization. And that's what really stands out about Sticky.

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