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Star Male is a male celebrity site which offer photos and videos of naked and semi-naked actors, musicians, athletes, fashion models, hunks from TV and legendary male porn stars. The tour includes a blog that shows quite a lot of famous nude men, such as Michael Fassbender, Ryan Reynolds, Russell Crowe and Ewan McGregor. Members get access to even more celebrity skin. Some of the guys are shirtless, while others show off their asses or even their dicks - sometimes even unintentionally. There are a lot of celebrities with muscular bodies, beautiful asses and big cocks. We all know that Matt Damon has a delicious ass and it's no secret that both Colin Farrell and Tommy Lee have big juicy dicks, but you will also find some nudes that haven't been all over the internet already.

I could go on with name-dropping, but lets just say that their collection is pretty extensive. I also have to say that they've got a lot of celebrities I have never heard of, which on the other hand doesn't make their photos and videos any less enjoyable. Some of those men are actors, singers or reality stars that are famous in just one or a few countries.

It's kind of hard to describe the type of guys listed since celebrities come in lots of shapes, ages, sizes and colors. The majority are stars in their twenties and thirties and most of them have trained bodies. You will find hot stars from today as well as men that were hot in the past.

It's hard to give you the exact number of videos, but according to the owners of the site there are now more than 4500 clips. They add 26 or more videos to the site at least once every two weeks, with an average of 55 new clips added every month. The videos are listed on 26 pages since the men have been listed in alphabetical order and there is a separate page for each letter. On the S page there are hundreds of videos listed, on the J page there are 76, so I have no trouble believing there are over 4000 video clips here.

Star Male has been online for more than ten years, which means that there is quite a lot of difference in video size and quality. Most of the newer videos play at a size of 640x480, the older videos are being shown at a size of 320x240. Each video comes in WMV format and you can right-click on a link and choose "save as" to download the video. If you'd rather watch the videos online, you can just click the links and the file will start playing in your browser's default video player. The sizes and qualities for streaming videos are identical to the downloadable versions.

The videos come from a number different sources and have been filmed with different camera equipment; thus some of the videos are sharp and of good quality while others are a bit grainy and dark. The videos are free of DRM, which means that you can still watch the ones you have saved even after your membership has expired.

At the time of this review, there are 2814 picture galleries with an average of 30 images each. Again, there is a big difference when it comes to the size and quality of the photos since they come from different sources. There are screencaps from movies, scans from magazines and actual digital stills. Most pictures come at a size around 500x800 and the majority are of good quality, with the exception of some smaller and grainy ones - maybe some of them are taken from film. You can click on a thumbnail to view the pictures at a bigger size and from there you can browse from one photo to the next.

Members of Star Male also get access to a series of erotic stories. There are fictional stories about male celebrities. There are close to hundred stories available and some are definitely worth reading. Stories include a sexcapade between Josh Harnett and Ben Affleck and a fantasy about Daniel Radcliffe and Zach Efron, so these make for titillating reading.

This is a big site, and sometimes you might feel lost or overwhelmed. Some simple adjustments, like more search and filter options, might improve the site's functionality. Some of the videos and photos are small and of lesser quality, but that's to be expect at this kind of site. Please note that I did not see any photo updates listed on the main page in the last year, so the picture section may no longer be updating. And the site does show a lot of advertisements for porn DVDs and books. But those are fairly minor issues.

Star Male is a very complete male celebrity site which offers thousands of video and pictures of world-famous and lesser-known movie stars, musicians, athletes, fashion models and TV hunks. The site has been around for more than ten years and still updates with fresh content. From Zach Efron to Sean Connery, if you are looking for celebrity bulges, asses and cocks, there's a big chance that Star Male has what you are searching for.

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