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Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse were real-life lovers and later married when they started Stag Homme. Both had had exclusive contracts with Hot House and Titan Men, and when their exclusive deals came to a close, they started their own production company. Their filming style is underground, so you can expect to see lots of edgier play like sex in public places, pissing, bondage fantasies, and rough sex. We haven't reviewed this site in a while, so it's time to head back and take a fresh look.

Stag Homme is located in Spain, so most of the men appearing on their site are Euro hunks. They're good-looking men with muscular bodies with lots of tattoos; there's a mix of hairy and smooth guys and heaps of uncut cocks. Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse both appear in lots of the action, but there are plenty of scenes where they stay behind the cameras. You'll find many well-know European performers like Jean Franko, Donato Reyes, Alex Marte, Jessy Ares, Lucio Saints and Orlando Toro; the occasional American porn star stops by when they're in Europe, plus there's lots of newcomers.

The action isn't your standard two-guys-fucking-on-a-couch variety, although there is some of that. The best way I can describe Stag Homme's style is if you and your lover decided to start a porn site and film all of your dirty sexual adventures and fantasies. They have a couple of recurring series like "30 Loads of Facials" where Damien Crosse sucks off a guy, whose face we never see, and the blowjob ends with Crosse getting a messy facial. Francesco D'Macho does a series called "Straight Man Fucks Me" where anonymous straight guys, who also usually don't show their faces, fuck D'Macho's ass. It's all about Francesco servicing these horny guys and their cocks with his mouth and ass.

Stag Homme is also a fan of public sex, so you'll find lots of scenes where their men are fucking on a roof-top patio, sometimes outdoors in other places like public washrooms, at the beach or in cars. There's plenty of hot sucking and fucking in bedrooms and living rooms, too. And you'll find some dirtier stuff involving bondage fantasies, role playing, rough sex, piss play, dildos, night-vision cameras, and gonzo porn. And there's heaps of behind-the-scenes, gag, and interview reels, and there's Stag TV, which is a gay porn reality-style series. Stag Homme isn't so much a commercial porn site as it started out as the exploration of Francesco's and Damian's dirty sex life and, after their break-up, was still an exploration of their sexual fantasies.

The site offers 192 exclusive, DRM-free videos. The videos are offered for download in MP4 format at 848x480, and quality is mostly good amateur, and these vids should play on all but the oldest mobiles. There are also streaming versions of the videos that are sized to fit your browser at close to full screen. These are a bit lower quality than the downloadable versions, but depending on the size of your monitor, they're decent quality and good for those who would rather watch than download the vids. Stag Homme has released 27 DVDs and a lot of the content comes from these, but there are also some web-exclusive scenes.

When it comes to pictures, some scenes have them and others don't. Some galleries, particularly the newer ones, offer good quality digital stills sized at 665x1000, other galleries offer decent quality screencaps, and some may offer a mix of digital stills and screencaps. You can view the pics in thumbnailed galleries with slideshows available, and while there are no downloadable zip files, you can save the pictures you like individually. There are anywhere from three to over 30 photos per set.

Members also get access to 723 bonus videos from a collection of feeds. Some of these are the feed versions of well-known sites including Falcon, On The Hunt, Cocksure Men, Fetish Force, SexGaymes, and there's plenty of bareback action from sites including Ricky Raunch and Bare.

Now let's talk about issues. While there aren't many, the big news is that the site hasn't updated in just over two months. While we can hope that updates will return to the site - they were pretty sporadic for months - there's no way to know for sure. We also found download speeds to be on the slow side. The site addressed the rest of our complaints since the last review, including the removal of DRM and offering much larger streaming videos.

Stag Homme has a lot of pluses for me: I love European men and uncut cocks, there's a nice mix of hairy and smooth hunks with mouth-watering good looks and hard, muscled bodies, and I really enjoyed the variety of action. One day I might feel like watching a romantic romp in the bedroom, the next an anonymous blowjob with a splashy cum facial; later I might feel like watching some sex in a public toilet, gonzo porn with the men sucking each other's cocks, or watch some anonymous straight guy fucking, shooting his load, and leaving. With 192 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, even without updates Stag Homme offers plenty to keep members revved up.

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