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Squirt It is a jack-off site that's been around for a while and features straight guys jacking off. Most of the guys here look pretty hot and are quite a mixed bag. Straight cop Jared is a handsome hunk in his late twenties with face scruff and a hairy body; he's is decent shape, but not particularly muscular, and he's wearing some ink. Maxwell is an 18-year-old guy with a smooth, slender body. Kent is a blond jock with spikey hair who's sporting a smooth swimmer's body. Most of the video titles would have us believe the guys are lifeguards, personal trainers, college football players, mechanics, and for the most part they fit the bill, although many of the earliest guys are skinny skaters or surfers.

Almost all of the videos are solo jack-off sessions, but I did see one blowjob scene. The guys get their dicks hard, stroke their cocks and blow their loads. They mostly masturbate on beds and sofas, and the guys seems to be watching porn playing off screen. Each video has a good write-up about the guys, and it's often more of a fantasy than a bio, like the one called "Straight Cop Jared" where the producer tells the story how this police office stopped him for speeding, then found out the speeder filmed porn and offered to take of his clothes and jerk his dick.

There are 100 videos inside Squirt It. The newer videos are full scenes in MP4 format and play at 1920x1080 at good amateur quality while the oldest videos are offered as WMV clips (usually six per scene) and play at 640x480 at average quality, less sharp than the newer ones. And those older WMVs don't stream - you can only download them. The MP4s stream at 952x590, but I didn't find they played well at all. There's a note under the video saying "view movie full screen to avoid choppy video" but that didn't help. I really had to wait for a video to completely download before it played smoothly. And the download speeds were slow; it took about 40 minutes to download that cop video and I'm on a supersonic cable connection.

Not every episode has pictures, but there's no easy way to see how many do. I checked the latest ten videos and only two of them had pics. They're digital stills and display in a pop-up viewer at around 458x685, but you can enlarge the four to 20 pictures to a much larger size. There is a hands-free slideshow, but you can't save the pictures individually and there are no downloadable zip files, either.

The videos aren't dated, but the site no longer updates; it had the same amount of videos in 2014 as it does today despite the weekly update tour claims. Are there any more problems? Yes, a few. The non-recurring monthly membership costs $15 more than the recurring. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, although it's easy enough to untick. Clicking around the site often took me outside the member area, and I had to click Members to get back inside. Some episodes appeared to have a gallery of pictures, but the thumbnails didn't enlarge. There is a blog on the site, but it just gives you a post detailing each video, so you might as well just jump right to the video section.

Squirt It gets a mixed review from me. The guys are quite sexy, and they probably really are straight amateurs, but there are just too many things standing in the way of you enjoying the site: no updates, slow downloads, choppy streaming videos and inconsistency where picture galleries are concerned. Still, there are 100 exclusive videos for you to watch - they'll just require a bit of patience to download.

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