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Spy On Guys is a voyeur site that features spycam videos from a wide variety of locations showing a mix of normal guys you'd find anywhere. There are guys changing in locker rooms, sucking dick through adult bookstore gloryholes; there's a urinal cam where we can watch guy after guy pissing in public restrooms. There's also massage parlor cams where we see men getting oiled up, rubbed down, and stroked off. I found several hour long college shower cam videos, Mardi Gras street videos, strippers in bar changing rooms, and gay street parties. Not to mention beach showers, festivals, and truck stop urinals.

The men are amateurs (well, obviously), so you can expect a mix of smooth and hairy chests, lots of guys with unshaven pubes, and since their are lots of European men, there are plenty of uncut cocks. I found college jocks with nice, well-developed bodies, dudes with a few extra pounds, Australian surfers, muscle hunks, and guys in their thirties or maybe forties, including some with beards. Since these aren't porn stars or actors, and the locations are sort of random, you'll get a random selection of guys.

Spy On Guys currently offers 232 videos, and while they're not dated, the tour says there's "A new release every month." The videos are streaming full scenes that often run an hour or longer. They're only offered in one size, which is around 640x336, although I saw some at a slightly larger size, and quality is poor to average, as to be expected from spycam footage. I'm unable to tell you the exact format of the videos, as right clicking doesn't work, but the site says they're mobile compatible as long as you have a Flash-friendly browser (they recommend Puffin for Macs and mobiles). My phone does, but some of my other mobile devices don't. As isn't always usual with this kind of video, most of the vids have sound.

While the site doesn't offer photo sets, each video does include 9 small thumbs to help you preview the action. These are around 155x88, and they're put together in a collage, but aren't clickable to a larger size - when you click on them, it brings up a console that shows a description of the scene and info, which is the same stuff already listed on the pages.

And speaking off the info given about each video, underneath each update's title and info, there's a line that tells you whether the video contains sound (all I watched did), and also a video quality assessment. These are quite optimistic, as some videos listed as having very good quality were below average, and some of the vids described as excellent had lower quality, including blurring and cross hatching.

When it comes to issues, most have already been covered. There's no dates on the updates, so no way to know exactly when or how often the site adds new content, although they do say they update monthly. Some videos are pretty low quality, and while that's to be expected from hidden cam videos, some are much lower in quality than others in the site. You can't right click to get info about the videos nor or they offered for download.

Spy On Guys catches guys on cam in locker rooms, restrooms, adult bookstore video booths, at urinals, getting massages and more. And most of the 232 streaming videos are an hour or longer. While video quality isn't too good, I don't expect good quality video from real hidden cams, and there's a lot to watch here - men pissing, changing clothes, showering, getting massages and handjobs, sucking dick in bookstores and getting wild at festivals and parties. And while some sites have faked spycam videos, these don't look faked. And because of that, the variety of locations and men plus the nice long videos, I'm giving Spy On Guys an enthusiastic thumbs-up despite some caveats.

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