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SplitzXXXL aka Juicy Punani runs his own feed on the JustForFans network and says that he's a New York / New Jersey guy but he's living in Washington, DC now. His profile says "Ima sexy lil ChocolateDrop Freak that love sexy fellas that sling THICK LONG PRETTY DICK filled with MASSIVE MILKY hot ICING". But that's all I can tell you about SplitzXXXL because I haven't been able to find anything online about him, and it's mostly his ass that appears in his videos.

I was able to find a couple of videos showing SplitzXXXL's face, or part of it, but by and large, his videos are cock-in-hole close-ups of men fucking his ass with their giant cocks. However from what I could see, SplitzXXXL appears to be in his twenties, he's got close-cropped hair and is clean shaven or sporting a bit of chin scruff, and he's got a lean body. Out of all the pictures on the site, only one shows a guy's face, and I'm not even sure it's SplitzXXXL because it's labeled "Chocolate boy", but if this is SplitzXXXL, he's pretty cute. From behind, which is how we usually see him, he's got a great bubble butt and a slim waist. And he's a bottom who loves getting fucked.

SplitzXXXL started his JustForFans feed at the beginning of March 2018, and it's been open for two months at the time of this review. There are 46 videos available for you to stream on the site, 16 more than there were a month ago, and they come in a variety of sizes from 780x536 to 1230x534 and are compatible with newer mobiles. These are home videos shot with cell phones or amateur cameras, and sometimes the phone is rotated so the videos are framed in portrait orientation, so they're even smaller. The videos are often clear with good picture quality and sound, although some are somewhat blurry. There's mostly hip hop or rap music playing in the background rather than the guys talking or interacting.

There are also 18 photos on the site; these are body and ass shots of SplitzXXXL, and some of them feature a hot cock in that sexy ass of his. As I said earlier, only one of these pictures features the guy's face, but if this is SplitzXXXL, he's definitely attractive.

Now let's talk about updates. SplitzXXXL doesn't add videos every day, but then on other days he has uploaded more than one and the videos range anywhere from a couple to 15 minutes, which was the longest video I saw, but I didn't watch every one. That being said, he hasn't updated his feed in two week, but hopefully will start adding videos again soon.

I have a few problems with SplitzXXXL's feed. First of all, it's the most expensive JustForFans feed that I've reviewed so far and it'll cost you $17.99 to follow him for a month. Most of the others so far have been $12.99 or under. Some of the videos have one of three huge and sometimes intrusive watermarks, two of which say PROPERTY OF SPLITZXXXL (they have different designs) and the last just says SPLITZXXXL. While some of the videos are decent quality, there are some that just lack sharpness to the point of being blurry, and some aren't lit too well, either.

Also keep in mind that almost all of the videos feature cock-in-hole close-up action, and rarely do we see anyone's face. Sometimes we get a brief view of a guy's chin or the side of his face, but mostly we're watching an anonymous black cock drilling SplitzXXXL's ass. One video features a masked man blowing another masked man. If you're into anonymous cock and ass shots, then you'll like what's on offer, but this may not be for you if you like to see who is fucking in the video.

And just a brief reminder about the JustForFans network. You follow each performer and pay for their feeds individually and all the videos and pictures are consumed on the site, so there's no downloads on the videos and you can't even save pictures individually.

SplitzXXXL gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand he's posted 46 videos in the first two months his feed has been operating, and fans will enjoy that kind of frequency, although there's been no updates in over two weeks. The videos are homemade sessions with this horny bottom taking some pretty big dicks, which is also a big turn on. And if you're like me, I do like watching cock-in-hole close-ups, but only once I know whose fucking in the video, so these anonymous fuck scenes may have limited appeal. But if you already know SplitzXXXL or love watching an anonymous black ass get pounded, then this feed might be exactly what you're looking for.

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