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The Spank Teen Boys tour features a masked guy doling out some punishing bare-ass spankings with belts, canes and whips. But there's a lot more than spanking going on here, and the action gets pretty weird and kinky, so lets have a look inside.

Most of the spanking is done by a slim guy who appears to be in his twenties, but it's hard to tell because he's wearing a balaclava. (Funnily enough, the guys being spanked don't hide their faces.) He's not even named, he's simply referred to as "master." There's not a lot of dialogue in the videos, but the master speaks English.

The subs are mostly guys in their early twenties, but I wouldn't call them twinks. There are a few boyishly cute guys with slim bodies, but the rest are just regular-looking guys, some with slender bodies and others sporting more athletic physiques. As well, there are a couple of stocky guys with hairy bodies. I initially thought the performers were Eastern European, but with the master speaking English, I'm not sure - they might be British. Either way, I saw a lot of uncut cocks here.

I have to say from the top that these videos feature a lot more than spanking (some have none at all); there's a lot of humiliation, bondage, foot play and pissing; there's some cock sucking and cum eating, and a bit of anal. In one scene, a bare-chested sub carries his master on his back; they head into a barn, and the lad gets his bare ass strapped while leaning against the wall. The master hangs his belt over the guy's neck, then takes a piss on the other side of the barn, then returns to his spanking.

Another guy carries the master in his arms, and inside the barn, the sub gets a good ass whipping, then the master pisses on his face; he rides him like a pony back to the house where the lad licks his master's bare feet and jacks his own cock until his master cums in his mouth. Another guy's session starts off much like the others with him carrying the master into a derelict building, then after getting his beating, they head into the house where the sub puts on a wig, corset, and short skirt, then presents his ass for some dildo fucking.

There are all kinds of other nastiness in these scenes, and aside from spanking, there's quite a lot of foot worship. But there's some piss play, one guy got fucked with his master's cock, others with sex toys, and there are a few scenes involving cock sucking with facials or cum eating. A couple of guys were forced to lick toilet seats. Not all of the videos include spanking, and as I've already noted, those that do include all different kinds of humiliation.

There are 21 videos inside Spank Teen Boys, and these are offered in two sizes of WMV for download. There's a small version displaying at 640x340 and an HD version at 1280x720. The videos cannot be streamed on the site, only downloaded, and they look fairly decent in full-screen mode. These amateur productions are filmed both indoors and outdoors, so you can expect variations with lighting and sound, but I didn't really have any complaints.

There are 34 pictures galleries featuring 100 to 200 screencaps. They're large at 1280x630 and average to good quality. You can save them individually, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

Spank Teen Boys hasn't updated in more than two years, and this leads to my biggest gripe: they have a weird policy where you can only join the site once; if you cancel your membership you cannot join again - ever. They try enticing you with access to five other sites, but you only get access to one site a month, so you would have to stay six months for full access. As well, you don't get to choose your bonus site, it's a "random computer selection." And while these bonus sites do feature twinks and other twenty-somethings, there's no spanking or BDSM action.

The site is expensive considering the number of videos they offer, but after your initial month, the recurring price drops $10. But I can't tell you anything about how many videos the "bonus" sites have or if they update, so I'm not sure it's worth staying on, especially since you can download the entire site's library in one day. Finally, the join page offers a 3-month member for $59.95, but it jumps to $74.95 on the billing page.

As I've said, Spank Teen Boys offers a lot more than bare bottoms getting slapped or strapped, so if you're not into humiliation, foot worship, piss play and ass fun with sex toys, this might not be the site for you. Even still, there are only 21 videos in the members area and these run between 5 and 20 minutes each, so in my books, that's not a lot of justify the $30 price tag. Throw in the site's weird membership policy and the way they limit bonus-site access, and I think there are far better spanking sites out there.

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