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Spank BDSM is a specialized site that brings us hard yet cute European amateurs in fetish movies. The tops here are denim-wearing tough twinks, the kind of guys you could imagine being rent boys from the streets of Berlin or Prague. They range in age from 18 to their late twenties here with a nice mix of dark-eyed, broody types alongside fresh-faced cuties. The tops have an attitude about them and a certain sexiness, as well; they're a bit rough around the edges, while the bottoms tend to be smooth and boyish. All the performers have decent "normal" bodies, although some are toned and fitter than others, and there's loads of uncut cock on show along with some smooth asses.

When it comes to the action, it's all about BDSM here, and that includes guys being tied down and whipped, pissed on, spanked, and sat on. You'll find solo pissing scenes, subs getting flogged, guys smoking, tops in denim fucking naked subs, as well as some BDSM group scenes and threesomes. It's a mix of action, but it all has some fetish element to it, be it a simple domination scene or a more complicated foursome with two tops and two subs. Leather and harnesses feature in some movies, and there is a lot of denim - blue jeans and jean jackets - on show.

The movies are filmed using natural lighting in a sort of amateur style, and you get the impression that the site is put together by guys who are really into their fetish but who don't have the resources of a large porn company. That means we get genuine sounding and looking scenarios with natural sound, and the whole thing comes across as organic filming for true fans of the genre. The quality is varied and movies are not HD, but the feel is what makes them work.

Spank BDSM offered 63 video updates when I visited the site, and a new one was being added every three days or so. Movies are shown in streaming Flash at 600x480 at decent amateur quality in a player that will go to full screen, though that can result in a loss of sharpness and clarity. There are no downloads available until you have been a member for four months, so you are going to have to be loyal in order to save any of the movies. Movies are clips running for around five minutes each, and each update is only part of full scene, so it takes multiple updates before all the parts of a scene are added; there are probably 11 full scenes.

There are 64 galleries offered here with between nine and 150 pics per set; numbers vary widely. The picture sets are a mix of solo shoots with guys posing, pissing or smoking and action galleries reflect the movies. Images are shown as small thumbnails that then enlarge in new tabs to 1350x660 when at full size. There are no slideshows or zip files, and no pic-to-pic navigation, which means you have to view images one at a time. The quality is a good amateur, so the pics look pretty good. There are plenty worth collecting and new galleries are part of the update schedule, so you can expect a new one roughly every week.

Spank BDSM has a pretty basic design. The videos and galleries open up on the index pages above the content list. There's nothing flashy about them and they don't carry any extra features, but it also means you can easily find your next clip or gallery. There are 19 guys shown here in decent body/face shots that, when clicked, lead to a list of their content. While we don't learn anything about them, we do discover their names. There are no other extras, but there is a link to Exclusives where you are able to buy other scenes along similar lines. These are from Gay Fetish Porn, Gay Fetish 3D, and Jeans Fetish Porn and give you similar guys in similar content with prices ranging from clips at a few dollars to over $36.00 for a full scene.

There are a few issues with the site, the first being the "no downloads for four months" rule. This feels like a punishment rather than an incentive (which is wholly appropriate, of course) but four months is a long time to wait to save the videos you like. Next is cost; the monthly subscription price of $33.99 for four months before downloads are available is pretty steep for a site this size; the two-month option is a better value, but it's still more than many sites' quarterly memberships. There's no information with the movies, galleries or guys either and no interactive elements for members - you simply get to browse and stream online; it all feels a bit thin to me. There are some dreamy boys here, but I want to know more about them. And last, each update is only a part of a full scene, so the site appears bigger than it is.

Spank BDSM gives you some good looking and amateurs in their own exclusive movies and galleries. The guys are mostly in their twenties, the tops are aggressive and often dressed in denim, the bottom boys are cute and submissive. It's exclusive content that stays firmly on its promised niche, but ... Quality of the 63 video updates is amateur to mid-range, and each is only part of a full scene, though images in the 64 galleries are big and clear. The site is short on model info and scene details. You can't download for four months and membership prices are high. But you do get some horny guys and some very original and kinky scenes, with a new gallery or video clip added every three days and a solid update schedule so far.

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