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Sordid Auditions casts 18 to 23 year old, British guys in what they think are Hollywood audition reels. These starry-eyed lads stand and pose for the director, hoping to be the next big star, but things start getting very dirty and kinky awfully quickly. This is a kinky take on the casting-couch theme, and we haven't reviewed the site since 2015, so let's head back and see what's happening.

There are nine guys auditioning on the site, and they range from 18 to 23 years of age. Most start of wearing school uniforms, but a couple came in wearing their sports kits. The guys are mostly sporting slender and athletic bodies, but a couple clearly work out and have more muscular physiques. They're natural, which means uncut cocks, untrimmed pubes and maybe a few sprigs of hair on their chests, but these guys are still growing into their bodies.

Sordid Auditions follows the classic reality porn theme of Hollywood wannabes duped into making a porno, so these lads show up to film their audition reels, and they're placed alone in a room. A computer-disguised voice starts telling them to turn this way and look over here. And then it begins: "You may have to do beach scenes", says the digitized voice. "The producers will want to see how you look with your shirt off, so please remove your jacket and shirt".

The producer eventually gets the guys to strip naked, and they're told to fondle their cocks, show their balls or butt holes to the camera. Then things get really kinky - the guys are tied up with ropes and told to struggle, they have to pee in a cup, they squirt a douche bulb full of water up their butts and squirt dirty water back into a glass, they finger and prod their butt holes, and an off-camera helper dildo fucks them. The helpless victims get their asses caned, and finally they have to shoot their cum loads onto a black plate. And no matter what they're doing, the digitized voice is calling the shots: "Now struggle ... try to get out of the bondage ... look at the camera ... show us that you don't like the ropes."

There are 55 updates on Sordid Auditions from nine guys in their auditions. These are offered in downloadable WMV format displaying at 960x540, and there's also an MP4 version that's suitable for mobiles and plays at 432x240. You can also stream the videos on the site in an embedded player at 640x360. The picture and sound quality is good at the original size, but there's definite loss of quality in full-screen mode. Each guy's audition is between 30 and 40 minutes long, but it's broken into five to eight parts that are added as updates over a number of weeks.

Each video also comes with a gallery of screencaps displaying at 1200x675 each, and there are usually a couple of dozen shots. You can view these online and save them individually by right-clicking the thumbnail and selecting "save link as." There's are no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

Now let's talk about updates. Bobby is the last guy appearing on the site; he only filmed one video in May of 2014 and that's the last update. A couple of the other guys are without cumshots, so it appears, for whatever reason, the producers just walked away from this project without even adding the last clips from the existing videos.

Are there any issues beside the lack of updates? Yes. At $39.95 for the first month, the site is expensive and they tack on an additional $1.95 processing fee. I don't like how they string members along with the full scenes broken into many updates, but this is typical of this company. They have abandoned updates on this site, but they're adding this site's content to The Casting Room, which has a similar theme and hundreds of videos, so that might be a better option to consider.

Whether you'll like Sordid Auditions depends. I found these sessions with the computer-disguised voice a little creepy and manipulative, which could be a turn-on depending on your preferences - the edge is in a different place for each of us. But these are also the very reasons that you may like theses audition sessions. They come across as realistic, and at times the guys look uncomfortable, which adds to the theme's credibility. While there are 55 updates, these don't quite add up to nine completed full scenes and the site stopped updating. But despite its issues, the Sordid Auditions content is very nasty, and that's a good thing.

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