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Son Swapping Daddies sounds like a fun site where "old daddies and young dads exchange sons to fuck." I didn't see any actual son swapping, although there are plenty of videos with older men having sex with younger guys from 18 years old to their mid-twenties. This site is a part of a large network and there's a lot of ground to cover, so we'd better get started.

There are genuine daddy-boy scenes with twenty-something guys playing with older men in their thirties and forties, and maybe even a couple in their fifties. But there are also a lot of scenes where the guys are closer in age, like an 18-year-old playing with a mid-twenties guy. So your "daddy" expectations will have to be liberal; I also saw some sons who were nearly thirty. Some of the daddies are in good shape with strong, muscled bodies, others are little soft around the middle and several are sporting bellies.

The sons here are a wide mix of guys. First, I heard both American and British accents, and some spoke French, Spanish, and a few maybe Czech or Russian, so these scenes were produced all over the world. Some of the guys are sporting slim and smooth bodies, some are a little twinkish, others have more athletic physiques, and still others are a little more like jocks with athletic, well-defined bodies.

There's not a lot of set-up with many of these scenes, and often if there is, the lack of subtitles prevents us from completely understanding the situation. But eventually the cocks come out and the guys get down to sucking. Sometimes there's no set-up at all like in one scene where the two guys got into a hot tub and the younger guy immediately started blowing the older man. And of course there's anal sex, often with the daddy being the top, but it sometimes goes the other way or even both ways. And the fucking, depending on the scene, may happen with or without condoms. The sex largely happens in home-type settings like bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, but I saw some gym action, a couple of locker room and hospital sessions, and a handful of outdoor scenes.

Son Swapping Daddies itself has 104 videos. The videos mostly come as downloadable WMVs playing at 640x480 and two MP4s at 428x322 and 640x480; I did find a couple of other sizes that were close to these but slightly smaller. The videos can also be played in a streaming player at 556x426 or 568x426, but they're not as crisp as they could be, so they don't fare well at full screen. The downloadable versions aren't any more crisp, although I found the WMVs played better than the MP4s, but the MP4s are compatible with most mobiles. When streaming, you have to wait for the video to completely download in the player before jumping ahead; if you don't, the video will simply restart.

There are only 14 galleries in the Son Swapping Daddies section and these are a mix of eight solos and six action sessions. However the thumbnail galleries didn't work as the pictures don't display at all, but I downloaded both zip files for one scene and they contained pictures in two sizes - 960x1280 and 1200x1600 - and they look like digital stills but weren't as crisp as I like to see.

When you first enter Son Swapping Daddies you'll find yourself on the network home page and you'll have to select this site from a dropdown menu containing 47 other sites. And throughout your browsing here, you'll likely find clicks taking you back to the network, so you'll have to keep re-selecting the site from that dropdown.

While Son Swapping Daddies has just over 100 videos, full members get access to a network of around 3,800 videos spread across these 47 different sites. You'll find others in the older-younger niche like Daddy's Boyfriends, Dads on BFs, Just Silver Daddies, and My Teacher BF, but the sites often share the same content. The rest of the network, which is called Teen Boy Pass, includes content from many different niches like black and Latino guys, interracial sex, twinks jocks, group sex, muscle men, bears and uniformed men, to name a few. And the network updates are rather random. While they seem to be adding new videos every day, and often as many as a dozen at a time, not all 47 sites update. The videos also seem to be uploaded in batches by niche; for instance, the newest 21 videos were almost all black guys in duos or threeways and there were seven interracial scenes.

There are lots of oddities and negative things to discuss. First, while Son Swapping Daddies is labeled as a "new" site in the network, it added all of its videos in November 2014 and hasn't added anything since then. Luckily, many of the 47 bonus sites are updating. Second, the tour claims there are 90 or 100 sites inside the members area, but as I mentioned, there are only 47.

Third, there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for two more site memberships when you join this site. And fourth, the trial membership is limited without any explanation of the limits and the membership cost is billed as the same amount but in either American dollars or Euros depending on where you live. Also the recurring price for the trial membership isn't shown on the join or billing pages; I had to check the terms page to find it.

There are a lot of banners trying to sell you other things and some of these are disguised to look like more content; there's even a "Free Cams" button on the video player, but this takes you offsite and what you can get for free is rather limited. And the first time I logged in, I had to pass through a full-page ad to get to the members area. Also, there's a DVDs link on the navbar that also takes you offsite to a pay-per-view theater. As mentioned, the picture galleries aren't working - all you get is errors on the thumbnail page, and when you click one you are taken to a page with another error. If you want to see pics, you must download the zip files.

Son Swapping Daddies does indeed have a decent collection of 104 videos featuring older men and twenty-somethings playing together, although sometimes the daddies aren't that much older than the boys. The videos can be downloaded, streamed or played on your mobile, although the site doesn't update. But the biggest drawhere is the network access to 3,800 videos, so if you like a variety of men and action, you'll have a lot to watch after you're done with those dirty dads and lads. But you do have to go into this venture with your eyes wide open. Most of the tour claims, like 90+ sites, are exaggerations, the videos here are not top notch, and the navigation can be a bit confusing and tricky. However, 3,800 videos is nothing to sneeze at, so if you're up for a little adventure, take a look at the tour.

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