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Self-gratifying sexy shemales is what Solo Trannies is all about. This site delivers long-legged, sultry seductresses who want to spend some solo, quality time in front of the camera. The tgirls here are good looking and feminine. They are a mix of white and Latina tbabes with long hair, long fingers and smooth skin. You'll find a mix of cut and uncut tranny cocks and firm, round boobs with dark nipples. The tgirls are sexy models; some are slim while others are a more curvy or average build, but not fat or BBW. And they all enjoy a good solo session.

In fact, that's what the site is all about: tgirls and their toys. They strip down, doing a slow striptease for you and then - once naked and comfortable or down to their stockings only - their hands explore their bodies all over and they start on the toy play. Each girl grabs her favorite toy, dildo or vibrator and starts to pleasure her ass for you as you watch. She also plays with her shemale cock and her ass as the camera gets in close, and the girls usually shoot their loads at the end of the scenes. It's pretty straightforward tgirl solo action, just as advertised on the tour.

There are 22 shemales with toys videos offered at Solo Trannies. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable versions sized at 860x480 and the streaming versions at 640x480 with the ability to go full screen. The movies are decent to good amateur quality, with natural sound, and the tgirls give a good show as they strip and play with their toys. If you go full screen there's a slight loss of quality but it's not bad, and when they play, the streams start and play smoothly enough. Unfortunately some streams stopped after a short while with a file load error, and I experienced a download interruption as well, so my experience of the movies was a bit 50/50. What worked was fine, but it didn't always work. It's a shame there are so few movies as what are here are good to see.

There were 22 image sets, some linking back to the videos they were taken from. All the sets are solo tgirls, you get to know their names, and they all start out on thumbnail pages where the images are squashed into a fixed sized placeholder. This makes them look slightly distorted. But when you open them to their larger size, they look really good. Images are sized at 755x1136 but stretched out to a larger size; when you download them, either solo or in zip files, you should find them at 755x1136 with no distortion. Though there are no slideshows to run these are easy galleries to navigate.

If you're after bonuses then Solo Trannies is a mixed bag. There is one other shemale site included in the network (click the 'More' link in the left menu) and that's Tag Team Tranny which has 22 galleries and 20 threesome videos. There is also a DVD area linked from the left which holds content from Spank Box but this only has two tranny movies - the rest are all straight sex. And the same goes for the rest of the Fucking Awesome network. It's okay if you're up for hettie-bonking, as there are a couple of hundred straight sex amateur vids and pics in the eight other network sites, but if you're only after tranny extras, you're going to be let down.

You can probably guess there are a few issues with this site. This site has shrunk from 30 videos in 2011 to 22 in 2015. Since the site shows current update dates, my guess is that theye recycle existing content by removing the older stuff, then adding it later as updates. There's one or two pre-checked offers on the sign-up page, depending on which processor you get; if these offers (called cross sales) are left checked, you'll be signed up for one or two additional recurring site memberships when you join this site unless you untick the offers. Also there were some issues playing back the streaming videos, and I also ran into a video that couldn't be downloaded. Last, there's a pop-up ad for a straight site that shows over the videos when you pause them.

I have mixed feelings about Solo Trannies. The girls are pretty hot and nicely natural in front of the cameras, though the videos lack atmosphere, the content quality here isn't bad, and it is easy to download the movies and pics. On the other hand, the site isn't growing - just recycling updates; there aren't that many videos, and while there are a few tranny extras, the network is mainly straight-themed. To be honest I've seen bigger and better solo tranny sites around that still update and offer more content and better features. So it's a bit of a 50/50, like I said; good points and not-so-good points, but if you're collecting solo shemale movies and galleries then Solo Trannies has a decent collection to check out and download.

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