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If you like watching guys sniffing and licking sneakers, boots, socks and bare feet, Sneaker Sex is going to be right up your kinky little alley. Aside from foot play and worship, there's plenty of cock sucking and ass fucking, and even better, there are lots of tough guys, bad boys, scallies and skinheads, all European and aged between 18 to 30, so that means plenty of uncut cocks.

The guys on Sneaker Sex range from skinny guys to beefy rugby players with mostly smooth bodies and clean-shaven faces, maybe a tattoo here and there, and lots of fat uncut cocks. If you like skinheads, scallies and guys in military wear, you'll find them here. These European foot fetishists are mostly in their twenties, and as the site name suggests, they're usually wearing sneakers, although a few are sporting boots. The guys like to pull off their shoes and push their stinky socked or bare feet in the faces of the men worshiping them, either eagerly or with a bit of force. You'll recognize a few of the performers here as they're regulars in gay porn, guys like JP Dubois, Jordan Fox and Peto Coast, as well as many more single-named guys who I haven't seen before.

This site delivers gay man-on-man sex and kink including shoe and sock sniffing, humiliation, trampling, group foot sessions and plenty of guys sucking cock and fucking. You'll also find lots of outdoor action, a few piss videos and some sex toy play. Expect lots of rough sex and plenty of European guys into the aroma and taste of dirty shoes and socks.

One video I watched featured two guys in sports gear pushing a buddy or team mate to the floor. The would-be foot worshiper is forced to eat one guy's sneaker and untie the laces with his teeth, then the other one holds his head while his buddy rubs his socked foot across the dude's face. He's made to sniff balled-up, dirty socks and a sneaker while the guys rub their bare feet on his body and cock. Another naked guy walks in the locker room and joins in, and all three guys rub their bare feet on the guy before he's forced to suck the newcomer's big cock. One of the guys pushes his foot on the back of the cocksucker's head to make sure he goes deep.

The last time we looked at Sneaker Sex it was not a typical membership site, but a theater that required you purchase tickets and redeem them to watch the movies. Since then, the site has dumped the ticket system and morphed again, so it's now a part of the Sureflix pay-per-view network. You no longer have to buy tickets; instead you buy viewing packages and rent the scenes for a 24-hour period; scenes cost anywhere from $3.09 to $3.89 to rent or around $11.99 or $12.99 to rent an entire DVD.

There are 82 videos produced by Sneaker Sex and currently available to rent in the Sureflix network, and this is 14 less than were here in our last look just under a year ago. Perhaps the missing scenes are being re-encoded for the new system, I don't know. The good news is that you can rent anything and everything in the Sureflix network with the same viewing packages, which means your packages give access to 43,155 scenes from 9,623 DVDs. And if you're only into foot play this will give you a total of 221 scenes to watch, but there's a lot of kinky stuff here including BDSM, CBT, rough sex, spanking, water sports, glory hole sex and lots of plain old sucking and fucking.

The videos are available to stream (no downloads here) in Silverlight, which you'll have to download if you don't already have it, but it's easy to install and it has a lot of great options. When you rent a scene it plays in a pop-up window with the viewing area being around 640x480 (some aren't quite as tall), but you can maximize the window and enlarge the video to around 1380x784 (or sometimes smaller). The system auto detects the best version for your set-up and there are usually four or five different speeds available. The player also offers a filmstrip so you can easily jump ahead to your favorite parts of the action. There's a full-screen option to make the video even bigger and results vary depending on the original production. Most of these videos are good amateur quality, but some are a few years old so they don't always fare perfectly in full-screen mode.

As I mentioned, the rental period is 24 hours, but Sneaker Sex has a stream-to-own option, which costs a couple of bucks more than the regular rental, and this attaches the video to your account permanently (sort of) so you can watch it as many times and whenever you want. However, one important caveat here: Sureflix terms dictate that you must make at least one purchase every six months to keep these active.

There are no picture galleries here, but every scene does offer three small thumbnails previewing the guys and the action. You can save them if you wish, however these thumbs don't enlarge.

Sneaker Sex has good search options to help you find more of what turns you on. There's an extensive category system that lets you find everything from blowjobs to spanking and from twinks to grandpas. And not only are there categories pertaining to the action (bareback, orgies or outdoors, for example) but also types of guys like - blue-collar men or bears and ethnicities from Arabs to Russian. You can also click a model's name to find more of his scenes. And finally, you can use the studio section to browse through the over 240 production companies offered in the Sureflix network.

This site does have some issues. First, there's no way to know when or how often new Sneaker Sex videos are added because nothing is dated. I'm not even sure new scenes are being produced under this label, however Sureflix is always adding new videos to the system (usually every day) so as long as your tastes go beyond foot play, you'll have plenty to watch. Second, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that allows the site to automatically refill your wallet once it's empty, but it's easy enough to opt out. Viewing credits have to be used within six months of purchasing or you lost them, and remember that stream-to-own videos also require a purchase every six months to remain on your account. And there are two pre-checked email offers on the join page, but if you don't want emails they're easy to uncheck.

Sneaker Sex offers extremely hot fetish videos featuring guys who can't get enough of men wearing sneakers or boots or being forced to sniff and worship them. There's also plenty of gay sex - often pretty rough - between masculine Euro guys, skinheads and street punks. The site itself offers 82 videos, but there are a total of 43,155 videos in this network, and 221 of them offer foot play. The rentals are for 24 hours and prices are reasonable, although there are a number of pesky rules to wade through like using your credits within six months of the purchase date. If you're into sneaker and boot worship, Euro bad boys and rough gay hardcore, Sneaker Sex is definitely worth a look.

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