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Sleeping Dudes offers amateur voyeur videos of a man who sneaks up on unsuspecting straight guys while they're sleeping or are passed out because they had just a little too much booze. He touches them, pulls out their dicks and plays with their cocks and balls while they are asleep. Then he covers everything up again before he leaves, so that the guys would never know what had happened. Most often, he just plays with the guys' cocks, but sometimes he also jerks them off or gives them a blowjob. Very few of the guys actually cum; in fact, not all of them even get hard.

The sleeping dudes are straight guys in their twenties and maybe early thirties. They are good looking British guys, so there's lots of foreskin to play with and enjoy. They all have athletic bodies and are often pretty masculine. What you're getting here is lots of touching, stroking and handjobs, and even a little cock sucking, but I'd say that the most exciting and unique aspect here is that these guys are asleep or passed out, so they're not even aware that someone is exposing them and playing with their private parts on camera.

There are 220 videos inside the Sleeping Dudes members area. The videos are DRM-free and have been filmed with a handheld camera; quality and style of the videos are very much amateur, which makes sense. You can download the videos in MP4 and WMV formats, and both of these come at a size of either 1280x720 or 640x480 (depending on the age of the video) as well as two smaller sizes. The older - and smaller - videos could use some work, as these are often a bit grainy or off-color. For those who would prefer to stream the videos, there are three sizes of Flash videos, the largest playing at around 1590x860. The largest versions look a bit out of proportion though.

Each video comes with a set of matching images. These are actually screencaps taken from the videos, but many are of decent quality, although some are below average. The images are displayed at a size of from 605x480 for the oldest pics to 850x459 for the newer, and sets can be quite repetitive since most sets contain between 100 and 250 pictures. You can either browse from one image to the next one by hand or use the hands-free slideshow tool. There are no downloadable zip files, but you can save individual images to your computer if you wish.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, I don't believe the site updates, but since the updates aren't dated, there's no way to know when the site stopped adding new content. The videos are watermarked with "," which isn't surprising as the two sites are owned by the same company. And that leads me to the odd thing about Sleeping Dudes - it's a bonus site for Boy Spy Cam, so in order to gain access to this site, you have to click to Boy Spy Cam via the handy link and join that site. Once you join, you can get access to both members areas. Also, the subscription prices (which you pay via Boy Spay Cam) are on the high side.

There are a couple other things worth mentioning. First, clicking links in the members area opens the new page in a new window. The members area lacks any sort of personality and is extremely basic. And what stood out for me is that there's no scene descriptions or info about the sleeping guy in each video, nor is there info about the man who gropes the guys. While obviously these videos are fantasies, it would make more sense to give us more, and descriptions would be the way to do that.

Sleeping Dudes is not your average porn site, and I suspect that the fans of Sleeping Dudes are probably not the average porn consumers either. I think this site offers a sexual fantasy which you will either love or hate. There are 220 videos and matching picture sets of straight amateur guys who get filmed while they are sleeping. The guy who films them undresses them, gropes them, plays with their cocks and balls, and sometimes even makes them cum. The site has a few things that could use some attention, and I was disappointed about the lack of updates, but the existing library of videos and access to Boy Spy Cam could easily keep you busy for a month or two if you're into voyeur videos.

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