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Slaveboy Training features good-looking Czech guys in training sessions. The story here is that a couple of overseers are getting these lads trained and ready for Masters who are waiting to buy them, but of course, that's just the fantasy. The guys are all performers who I recognized from other Eastern European porn sites; even one of the overseers is a well-known Czech performer. The guys are lean and smooth, in their early to mid-twenties, and I found most of them good looking to cute. They sport athletic bodies, but a couple are a little more muscular than the others. The guys feature shaved or trimmed pubes and uncut cocks.

The training sessions are organized into a number of different activities like Presenting, Workout, Chores and Discipline. Presenting gives us our first looks at the guys naked or in their underwear. When we meet slaveboy Aleksandr, he's kneeling naked with his uncut cock hanging heavily between his legs; as a good slave does, Aleksandr has his head lowered so he's looking at the floor. The camera moves behind him and we see that his hands and feet are bound with rope. The remaining couple of minutes feature Aleksandr standing and restrained to the wall.

During the Workout videos the guys are forced to do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and one guy had to run in place. Sometimes the overseer adds an extra challenge by demanding the guys maintain a hard-on while exercising, and if they don't, they feel the sting of his riding crop. And the guys must often count off their exercises like "two, Sir, three, Sir." I should mention at this point that the overseers are speaking Czech, but the slaveboys reply in English with "yes, Sir" or "thank you, Sir."

In the Chores segment, one blond guy has to dust furniture and wipe the floor with a rag, all the while on his hands and knees naked so we could see his cock swaying between his legs or catch glimpses of his sweaty ass crack. Another guy has to be a human coffee table where he kneels naked on the floor holding his Master's drink on a board; he waits for several minutes before the Master takes a drink. And finally, the Discipline section usually involved flogging or getting whipped with a riding crop, and sometimes tit clamps or ball weights are used.

The overseers sometimes play with a slaveboy's cock or order him to get it hard and stroke but there wasn't any fucking, although a couple of the overseers in recent updates do get their own dicks serviced. A couple of the slaves had to put on cock rings, and a number of them had to spread their butt cheeks for the camera. Mike, who's being trained as a pleasure slave, is fucked by a dildo and has to learn to take it for as long as it entertains his master, while in another clip he has to suck the overseer's fat, veiny cock, choking on it at times, but he has no choice but to continue.

There are 179 video updates - that's 20 training sessions in the Slaveboy Training members area with 12 different slaves (a few guys has filmed two sessions). Each full session is broken into clips ranging from five to 10 minutes; these clips are released as updates over a number a weeks, so it may take more than a month to see a guy's entire training session. One guy named Kevin has 15 clips, Dima has five, and Radek, Pavel, and Jan have 10 clips each. Slaveboy Training updates every week with two clips, each featuring a different guy, and occasionally they update with three videos.

The videos are offered in downloadable Flash format (the newest are in MP4 format), and all but the six latest vids come in a regular and HD version. Both sizes play back at 1280x720, but the HD version is much clearer and crisp. The videos can also been streamed on the site on the site at 640x360 and they come with full-screen mode which didn't suffer much loss in quality. I had no problem playing the Flash videos in RealPlayer and VLC, and the MP4s played fine in my QuickTime player and Android tablet; the MP4s should also play on most newer mobiles.

There are also 28 picture sets. The pics are digital stills sized at 2040x3264, and quality is decent, but while some are sharp and clear, others - because they are shot in dim rooms - may lack sharpness. Some of the older photos may be screencaps, but they're still pretty decent quality; they're sized at 1674x1046. The galleries don't come with zip files or slideshows, but you can navigate from pic to pic, and the photos can be individually downloaded.

I had a few issues with the site. Although there are individual model pages, there's no profiles or info about the performers. And I would have preferred all the vids be available as MP4s, as the Flash versions in most of the videos aren't mobile compatible.

My biggest complaint here is the breaking of full scenes into shorter clips and releasing the clips non-consecutively as separate updates over a number of weeks. Slaveboy Jan first presented himself on the site in June 2014 and two of his workout videos debuted in August 2015; he began his discipline training in February 2015 and it took five weeks (one video clip a week) before his entire session was available on the site. Still, the site does add two or three clips every week, so you're not just getting one 10-minute clip.

I liked Slaveboy Training. I found the guys were attractive with nice bodies, and I loved all the uncut cocks. The training sessions were realistic but not too hard, so while titillating, kinky and fun to watch, fans of hard BDSM or humiliation might find these sessions more like foreplay than the main event. But if you like watching naked guys in forced workouts and getting worked over with a riding crop, there's plenty of that. The 179 video clips are good amateur quality and the site updates consistently, adding two clips every week, so there's plenty waiting here for you.

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