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Slave to Skater is a fetish site featuring an older man who is owned by a skateboarder named Jeremy. The skater humiliates and uses him and makes him pay cash for the privilege of being abused. (The older man doesn't tell us his name, so for the sake of this review, I'm going to call him Bob.) That's right, this skateboarder arrives demanding his money and if there's not enough – and there never is – he manhandles Bob, slapping his face and pushing him to the ground; he berates him with insults and name calling, and it all ends with some rough foot play. This site looks like a nasty bit of fun, so let's take a look at what kind of trouble these skateboarders get up to in Bob's house.

Bob is an older man, and I'm going to put him somewhere in his forties or fifties, but I'm leaning towards the latter. He's bald and clean shaven and wears glasses. He's got a bit of a belly, but it's not huge. When he talks, he's a bit of whiner, and it's no wonder these skaters take advantage of him.

Jeremy is the main skateboarder here, the one who lays claim to Bob, and he's filmed the most videos with a whopping 119 videos in his collection, seven more than there were five and a half weeks ago. He's 18 years old and wears huge spacers in his ears. Both forearms are sleeved in ink, he's good looking, and he's got attitude - heaps of it. As Bob says on the site: "He totally controls my life. He is my Master." But Jeremy can't seem to keep himself out of jail, so when he's away another skater named Jason steps in to make sure Bob and the money train keep on giving. He looks to be in his early twenties with face scruff and usually wears a baseball cap and sunglasses. He's no less of a nasty talker than Jeremy.

Austin is a combination of Jeremy and Jason; he's tatted up like Jeremy but he's got face scruff like Jason, and even more of it. And he met Bob through Jeremy. He's actually my favorite because he's a little thicker than the other two, plus he's got several nasty tricks up his sleeve. Cody is the fourth skater on the site and he's also 18 years old, and he looks boyish, but he's a nasty little fucker – you'd cross the street if you saw him coming – and he's a bit of a sadist and likes making Bob suffer. They guys all dress like skaters with baggy, knee-length shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, socks and sneakers.

When a scene opens, one of the skateboarders is arriving at Bob's house to collect some money or check out the beer situation in the fridge. Sometimes Bob hands over a few bills, sometimes he lies and says he doesn't have any, or other times he gives a little bit but tries holding some back. But these guys are relentless. When they're not satisfied with their payout, they start berating the older man. Austin pulls off one of his white knee socks and ties it around Bob's mouth like a gag: "Oh that smells," Bob protests. Austin continues castigating the man, telling him that he talks too much and to keep breathing in his stinky socks. "I need to air those fuckers out!" He doesn't care that Bob's uncomfortable and tells him so.

Throughout the course of these sessions the skateboarders make Bob smell their socks or sneakers, they rub their socked or bare feet in his face, and sometimes Bob lies on the floor and a skater uses his face as a foot rest. The older man often ends up with a balled dirty sock in mouth or, as in Austin's case, with a sock tied around his mouth or over his nose. Sometimes Bob plays the helpless victim, saying things like "Please don't hurt me, Sir" or "Why are you bothering me? I gave you all my money" while in other scenes he plays the horny submissive asking, "Please Sir, can I crawl over there and worship your feet?" So it's pretty clear that this kinky fucker loves being submissive and abused and he adores these skaters' feet.

There are 180 exclusive video updates in Slave to Skater. Jeremy has 119, Jason is in 11, Austin has 15, Cory has 14, and Chris has 12 vids, although these appear to be older. There are also nine videos in a bonus section, but these are simply other random skaters who have stopped by to use Bob, so I've included them in site's video count. Each video is two to six minutes and is a part of a longer session; there are anywhere from two to five parts making up a full session. But the videos are numbered instead of named so it's a bit difficult seeing when one session ends and another begins - you have to rely on clothing clues in the scene's thumbnail to draw your own conclusions.

You can't stream the videos on the site; in fact when you click a video's thumbnail it immediately initiates a download. The videos come in QuickTime (.mov) format, and they played fine on my generic player that plays all my MP4 videos, but I did try them in Windows Media Player and had no problems. The videos are mostly sized at 854x480, but one that I downloaded was 960x540. They're good amateur quality quality and downloaded quickly as most of them feature bitrates under 600k. These are homemade videos and seem to be mostly filmed with a stationary camera. They're generally well-lit (some are a little darker than the rest), and of course they have sound so we can hear Bob beg and plead or whine. There are no picture galleries on the site.

There are also 44 videos of Bob submitting to skaters in a section called Vintage Videos. Unlike the site's main videos, these are MP4s sized at 640x480, and while the quality isn't as good as the main videos, they deliver more of Bob servicing skateboarders' feet and more, so check 'em out.

Are there any problems? The site's tour say that there's an update every week, but none of the episodes are dated, so I can't confirm that. However the site has added 18 clips in the past five and a half weeks, and with 180 video updates there's plenty to keep you entertained. The site is simple and basic, but I wish there was a bit more thought put into the navigation: Guys & Bonus on the navbar is the Home button, and it took me a while to figure that out. Inside a couple of the guys' sections I found Vintage and Photos links on the navbar, but both of these were broken. There's a bit of a description of each skateboarder, but I wouldn't mind a fuller profile with stats. And I didn't see any nudity except for their bare feet and there's no sex, not even jerking off. This action is for the pure thrill of watching Bob being humiliated and those into foot, shoes and socks.

Finally, my last problem with the site is that there are no episode pages, so when you click an episode's thumbnail the download begins automatically. And this compounds the problem of not knowing how many scenes make up a full session.

Slave to Skater is an amateur porn site portraying the life of an older man who loves being abused by a group of skateboarders. He's a submissive who gets off on smelly socks, being insulted and forced to worship a skater boy's feet. He's also turned on by the threat of being hurt by these miscreants and not only does what they order him to do but he pays them a sort of protection money. But this only sets up a relationship where these skateboarders return repeatedly for more money and abusive fun. And these lads are a sexy gang of trouble makers and full of attitude. This homemade fetishist's site featuring lots of titillating humiliation scenes that sometimes had me wishing I were Bob.

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