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Wouldn't it be great to head down to the multiplex to see what's on and see one screen completely dedicated to shemale hardcore? That's what Shemale Screen is all about. Exotic, erotic and horny tgirls in hardcore sex scenes with other shemales and with some cute and hung guys, as well. The models here are a varied group of trannies; there are black, white, Latina, and they all sport juicy dicks and bouncy boobs, as well as a healthy lust for other shemales plus those rather delicious guys. The men appearing are a nice mix, too, with amateur guys and 20-something jocks and 30-something studs, and they're up for all kinds of action.

The shemales here don't necessarily play together or solo; in fact, there is probably no solo action in the site. The scenes are all about hardcore fucking with guys, and, for a change, it's not the sultry shemales who are underneath; the guys often feel the full force of trannies banging their asses. There are duos in action scenes here, sometimes two shemales together, and the movies take place indoors, as well as outside in the wild. You'll find some interracial scenes, some all-ebony with a black tgirl fucking a hung black dude, and some all-Latin scenes, too. It's a neat mix of hardcore shemale banging, and it is all videos. There are no galleries at this site. In fact, there is nothing but videos and a link to the network-wide model index.

Shemale Screen has 203 movies showing; they all date from 2005 to 2010, and no new scenes have been added since. So this is archive of exclusive shemale action where scenes are shown in a variety of formats according to age. Don't expect HD here, but you should find movies up to DVD standards, shown at around 640x480, in AVI and WMV formats; there were some Mpeg movies at 320x240, as well. The sizes were not great I have to say, and some movies won't do well at full screen. But the overall filming and production standards are fine - in fact, they are good for their day. There is no DRM in use and no download restriction, but you will have to register your IP address, via your sign up email, before you can actually view the content. This means there's something of a delay after signing up before you can actually access the movies.

There are no galleries here and your only other link is to the model index, but this shows all the models in the network, and you will only be able to view the models from Shemale Screen. Should you want to go for wider access then you will have to join the network, and there are no bonuses unless you go about things this way. Signing up to the Ferro Network though will cost you a staggering $84.95 for your first month, though this then reduces to $49.50 afterwards. That's a lot but the network actually holds something like 26,000 scenes, and the sites included cover niches for shemale, strapon and gay. In fact, in the network along with Shemale Screen there are seven other shemale sites (some of which are also archives, and not updating, and which may hold some of the same content), some of these also have galleries, and there are then five strapon sites, and two gay sites.

But that's the network. Back at this site, I did find one or two issues. You have to log in twice each time you log in, so keep those access details handy, and then you have to register your IP address before you can view the content. This might become a pain if your IP address changes, and it does delay your access to the downloads. The site has also stopped updating, there are no galleries, very little information and no interactive options.

With all the issues, you may be wondering what the point of a Shemale Screen membership is. Well, that point is that you can collect some pretty hot tranny hardcore action videos. Okay, so there are no updates and some older material, but if you collect tranny scenes and love all kinds of shemales in mainly tgirl-on-top action, then this is a place you're going to want to check into at least once in your chick-with-dick content-collecting lifetime because 203 archived shemale hardcore scenes wait for you inside.

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