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Today we're looking at a site called Shemale Pumpers. This site offers a wide variety of trannies from slim and sassy to busty and full figured; some are very feminine and could pass for women till their panties come off, others are average or just a tad on the masculine side. Tits and cock sizes are all over the map from small and perky to impressively big. While many of the tbabes here are Latinas, there are some U.S. trannies here including porn legend Wendy Williams, and I found some Asian and black shemales, as well as a few more familiar faces including Lisa Lawer. The guys are also a mix from average to handsome and hunky, and there are some who are quite well hung. And good news for foreskin lovers is that most of the cocks inside this site are uncut.

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to the action. There are plenty of hardcore male/shemale duos that include kissing, fingering, rimming, sucking and fucking, and I also found a number of threesomes that are a mix of tranny / tranny / male and male / male / tranny. And there are shemale solo sessions where the tgirls stroke their cocks and play with their asses; in some sessions, there are also sex toys plunged into tranny holes. Most of the scenes take place in beds or on couches in a mix of porn sets, hotel rooms and homes, but there are a few pool and outdoor sex sessions, too.

Shemale Pumpers offers 384 DRM-free videos in MP4 format, and the site adds a new video every three days. Some of the vids are offered for download at 1280x720 at decent to good amateur quality; others are sized at 640x480 at average quality, and these lack sharpness. The smaller vids are compatible with most mobiles, but the larger may be too large for older cell phones. The videos can also be streamed in a player sized at 1140x856, and while the larger videos look pretty good, the older ones - which are already not great quality at their original size - lose even more sharpness in the player. While the HD streaming videos enlarge to full screen pretty well, the non-HD vids don't fare as well.

There are also 777 picture sets. These are digital stills that vary widely in size and quality; I found pics as small as 458x704 at average quality and as large as 1067x1600 at good amateur quality, and neither size nor quality seemed to be age-reliant. Each picture set can be downloaded in a zip file or you can save the individual photos you like, and while there are no hands-free slideshows offered, you can navigate from pic to pic easily without having to return to the gallery.

Full Shemale Pumpers members get access to the "MOVIE THEATER", where there are over 600 streaming shemale DVDs to watch. There are also six tgirl feeds. And last are 10 bonus sites. Alas, none of these are shemale sites. There are two straight toon sites and a game site that mostly offers more toons. There's also a site focusing on brunette women, as well as an Asian site, an amateur site and a site called Dungeon Masters that doesn't seem to offer much kink or BDSM. The last three sites have three different themes - wives, European sex and 18+ teens.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, there are two "free" offers on the billing page that are actually free trials that recur at over $35 each; that means that if you join this site with a trial and let  this membership and the pre-checked free trials recur, you'll find your credit card dinged for over $100 a month for all three sites combined. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, although this - like the other two offers - are easy enough to uncheck. And trial members get limited access - they can view just one video and 10 pic sets. There are no scene descriptions or model info. There are also no categories or tags and search results are poor. And then there are the large animated and non-animated thumbs at the bottoms of the pages that are ads and aren't shemales - they're women.

Also despite the tour's focus on HD videos, a good number of the videos are not HD, and while the join page claims that there are full HD vids at 1920x1080, I didn't find any - the largest vids I saw were sized at 1280x720. The join page also offers the videos at multiple speeds, but every video I watched or downloaded was only offered in a single speed. The tour also slightly exaggerates the number of videos (they say there are over 391 vids but there are actually 384), and they say bitrates are 4200k, which is about double the bitrates I found for the downloadable videos. 

And now we come to one last caveat. The videos here are the exact same videos as in some of this company's other shemale sites. One site I checked, Tranny Girls Exposed, has mostly the same videos as this site but they're dated differently so you may not catch it at first. I also found some of the same videos inside Planet of Shemales and Free Tranny Passport, although since they're not always in the same order, I can't confirm that all the vids are the same ones.

Shemale Pumpers delivers sexy trannies sucking and fucking, getting fucked in duos and threesomes and stroking their shemale cocks and shooting their loads. There's a good variety of models and action, and many of the cocks are uncut. There are 384 non-exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and there are also 777 photo sets; good news is that a new video is added every three days. Full members also get access to a large tranny video archive, six feeds and 10 straight bonus sites. While Shemale Pumpers does have its issues, it does offer enough content and bonuses to make it a pretty good value and keep members pretty busy, too.

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