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Seth Chase says his site is the "Official site of producer and performer Seth Chase" who's a cum-swallowing bareback top. He and his partner Aaron French say their site, Seth Chase, is all about sucking dick, swapping loads and bareback action, and Seth and Aaron should know, because these bearded guys seem to love nothing better than sucking cock and getting mouths full of cum while on camera. They also love getting sucked - who doesn't? It's been a while since we visited the site, so it's time to log in and see what's been happening.

What's been happening is plenty of raw fucking, guys sucking two dicks at once, facial cumshots, outdoor sex and even more cum gobbling in this amateur gay porn network offering content from all of Seth's sites; SuckOffGuys, FuckOffGuys, Bareback Place, GuysOnVideo and his very latest and unlaunched site, Cum Club.

Seth and Aaron have been appearing in these videos for over a decade; they're both fit with trim beards, and they are definitely having fun, but there's plenty of other guys in the vids, as well. While many are first timers, a fair amount return to get off on video repeatedly. And in some videos, Seth and Aaron stay behind the camera, catching the action as other horny amateur studs suck each other, bareback and shoot huge loads of jizz in their scene partners' mouths.

Seth Chase offers 186 videos, 182 of which are available to download. These are MP4s, the newer offered at 960x540 at good amateur quality plus a smaller version for older mobiles; the older vids sized at 540x384 at amateur to average quality and are small enough to watch on older phones. The videos are also available to stream, but while the player is fairly large, most videos are sized smaller than the player at around 716x540. The newer ones enlarge to full screen fairly well, but I wouldn't suggest going full screen with the older videos. The videos from the latest, pre-launched site and a compilation aren't yet available to download, but you can stream them.

All but a couple of the oldest Seth Chase videos come with a set of screencaps shown at about the same size as the video. Some episodes also come with a set of good amateur quality digital stills sized at around 960x892. I was able to download each pic by right clicking the thumb and saving as. There are no zip files or hands-free slideshows, but you can navigate from pic to pic by using the arrows that appear when you mouse over a picture.

First comes to Outtakes & Bonus section, where you'll find videos that are also listed in the main video listings, so they've already been counted in the videos section of this review. Then there's the Vault, offering an additional 54 videos - and keep in mind that all these extras are shot by the same camera guy, and feature the same guys and action as the rest of the videos. Also if you want to get to know Seth and Aaron better, there's a link to their videos on Youtube about their life up in the mountains. While it hasn't updated recently, I really enjoyed some of the vids and seeing what the guys are like when they're not sucking dick.

Now let's talk about updates. Seth Chase (the network) stopped updating a couple years ago, but recently they started work on their new site, Cum Club, and since then there have been a few updates - three from the new site and a compilaton. We can expect more updates from Cum Club, but I'm not sure if there will be more compilations. That being said, neither the new site nor the compilation video come are offered for download; these are streaming-only at the present time.

Are there any more issues? Well, the oldest videos aren't as good quality-wise as the newer ones nor are they as large, but that's to be expected as some of them are up to 16 years old as of this year (it's 2018). But honestly if you ignore the lack of updates till recently and don't worry about the older videos and the slightly clunky, old-school design, this is a pretty good site with no heavy advertising, no pushy upsells and none of the other problems we often see. One last thing worth mentioning - don't be surprised if you get to the join page and it says "SuckOffGuys" rather than Seth Chase. You're joining the entire network either way, so it doesn't affect anything.

Seth Chase delivers a mix of amateur guys, bareback action and cum-eating that you won't find on enough sites, and there's also Seth himself and Aaron, his partner. There are 186 videos, most of which can be downloaded, streamed and watched on your mobile, and most episodes include one or two pic sets plus Seth's description of the action. This site's weakest point is the updates - the network sites have stopped updating although a preview of their new site with updates has been added. Luckily there's the archived vids for those who want extras. If you love watching guys who really do love sucking cock and drinking cum or getting it all over their faces, as well as some down and dirty raw sex, Seth Chase is worth checking out.

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