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Sebastian's Studios says that they produce videos of real-life, amateur guys "caught on video fucking." Most of the guys are in their twenties with a variety of body types from slender to athletic or muscular. You'll find mostly white guys, but there are some black, Latino and Asian, as well, and expect to see some women because there are some bisexual scenes as well as gay. I didn't see much in the way of bears or older men. A lot of the performers might be amateurs, but I'm also seeing lots of performers that I recognize, as well as plenty who I don't.

What I did see inside is a wide variety of action. There's a lot of guys sucking and fucking in duos, trios and small groups, and most of the action appears to be bareback. I want to say "all bareback" because a lot of the scene titles use words like raw, breed, bareback, etc., but obviously I didn't watch every movie, so I'll go with mostly bareback. If you like group sex, there's quite a lot of it here too with raw fucking and cum swapping. And there's every conceivable situation: both indoor and outdoor sex; sex in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and showers; there also are guys getting off in public places like warehouse, army barracks, or glory hole clubs.

The site says it has "real homemade submitted videos," but while there's a lot of video here to watch, it certainly isn't guys filming themselves on webcams and hand-held cameras. Also homemade amateur videos don't usually come with background music, scripts or titles like "Glory Hole Threeways Vol. 1." Amateur content usually doesn't look so neat and tidy, so I suspect most of this content is from readily available DVDs. Exactly how much, it's hard to say, but most of this content was shot in a studio rather than self-shot in the models' private homes.

I counted 1103 downloadable videos on Sebastian's Studios, and these are offered WMVs sized at 768x432. The video pages display a wall of thumbs, one for each video. If you click them, they open the video directly rather than taking us to a detail page with a description, and if you right-click the videos you can download them. The videos are average to good amateur quality. You can play the vids by clicking them, but the site doesn't have full-streaming servers, so there's no fast forwarding until the video has completely loaded. Also, the site either uses DRM or has other issues, as it required you log in to play each video.

There are 77 picture galleries inside the site, but I could only view a gallery summary page. I couldn't actually get into any of the galleries; instead I was sent on a loop where I was instructed to log in then returned to the galleries, only to be asked to log in again and again.

There are 37 third-party plugins, most these are video feeds but a couple were games. They offer you more video that streams at 320x240 and 640x480. Trying to play these plugins triggered my browser's pop-up blocker, but once I got that sorted out it was smooth sailing.

There are a number of issues with Sebastian's Studios. The site says they update daily, but the episodes aren't dated on the video summary pages, those pages are just a wall of thumbnails. The tour page has "Today's Featured Movie" that is dated from four days ago and the "3 Most Recent Video Updates" on the tour were all from 2012 and 2013. And as I mentioned earlier, the site may use DRM so there's a lot of logging in and Mac users may need to download the videos and use Flip4Mac to play them.

There are navigation issues here. When I log in I get a homepage with "this month's" updates on it and clicking "Movies" on the navigation bar will get me past releases with the "newest" ones located on the very back of six pages. If I click "Pictures" I go round and round the "please login" loop and never get pictures, and sometimes I'm even taking outside the member's area where I'm asked to join the site. It's frustrating, but I persevered and eventually figured out how to stay inside the site so I could watch or download movies.

I'm afraid Sebastian's Studios is a bit of a good news / bad news affair. There are a fair number of issues like exaggerated or inaccurate claims on the tour. That's too bad, because the content is pretty decent, and there are over 1100 videos. I don't know for sure, but it feels like a site that is running on auto-pilot and recycling existing content, and there are several things that are broken like not being able to view the picture galleries and either using DRM or having video login issues. This is too bad, because once I figured it all out there was a lot to see here. If you join, persevere with clicking through the site and you'll eventually figure it out.

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