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Sausage Party takes us to strip clubs and wild parties where the audience doesn't just watch the male strippers dance - they take turns sucking their cocks! The dancers are hot studs and hunks, some of whom have muscled, gym-built bodies, and others with ripped and athletic physiques. They know how to shake their asses in front of a group of horny men or drunken frat guys, turning the viewers on as they enjoy the attention. Apparently getting naked in front of a group is a real turn-on as the strippers sport hard cocks from almost the time they start showing off their stuff.

There's plenty of action here, and more than one stripper in each scene - sometimes there are a bunch of them strutting their stuff, getting their cocks stroked and sucked, and sometimes the guys rim them right there in front of all the audience. And that's not all. Sometimes the viewers can't hold back, and not only is there fucking right there on stage or where the strippers happen to be, but a number of guys may get naked, and that can turn into a full-on orgy, with some audience members watching as groups of men get it on while everyone - including the camera - watches. And the luckiest members of the audience get faces covered in cum.

Sausage Party offers 19 videos, which are good quality - especially considering the less-than-perfect lighting in a lot of the clubs and at the shows. The vids can be downloaded in 4 sizes of MP4, the largest of which is 1280x720 and the smallest is suggested for mobile users, although you may be able to use larger sizes depending on what mobile you use. Each video is also offered as good-sized WMVs shown at 852x480, and each video is also available in clips, as well as good quality streaming videos for those who just want to watch rather than download. Most of the videos run over half an hour.

The downside here is that this site does not update - the most recent update was added in July of 2011. That's especially disappointing because I really enjoyed the videos. Luckily this site is part of a larger gay porn network, and we'll go into the bonuses shortly.

Each Sausage Party episode includes 2 sets of pics. First are the good quality digital stills, the older of which are sized at 800x532 and the newer which at 2000x1333, although they're shown smaller when you first click a thumb. Each episode also includes a set of pretty decent quality screencaps. All the pic sets can be viewed in thumbnailed galleries, saved individually or downloaded in zip files, and it's worth mentioning that most sets have an almost ridiculous amount of pics, most over 800 and some with over 2000.

In addition to the Sausage Party videos, full members get access to the entire Big Daddy network of 900 videos from 13 gay sites. Some like Project City Bus and Butterloads are small and no longer update, while others like Out In Public and Rub Him still update and have a good number of videos. All told, 4 of the bonus sites still update and the entire network adds at least 10 videos per month.

Now let's talk issues. The most obvious one is that the site doesn't update, but there are a couple more things to be aware of. There's a pre-checked offer on the join page that will sign you up for membership to a second site if left ticked, although it's easy enough to untick. Trial members get only limited access, and trial memberships recur at a full $20 more per month than the cost of a recurring monthly membership. And some of the stuff that may look like bonus content requires further spending - the DVD archive, for example.

For those into group sex, male strippers, sex parties and public blowjobs, Sausage Party's content rocks. While the site only has 19 videos, the action is really hot and the videos are good quality and downloadable, plus there are streaming and mobile versions of all the vids. The catch is that the site does not update, and I was disappointed as I really liked the action, the theme and the men. Still, members get access to a good-sized gay porn network, most sites featuring the same types of performers. I have mixed feelings about Sausage Party due to the lack of new content, but I really got into watching the strippers getting sucked in front of an all-male audience of horny guys in clubs and at private parties.

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