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Saggers Gone Wild is a unique amateur-style site which focuses on saggers. Saggers is urban slang for guys who wear their pants very low so that you can see their underwear. Sagging originated in prison, where inmates wore their pants low because belts could be used as a weapon, so pants were worn low to show guys had been in prison.

Most of the guys on this site are black males in their twenties, but you will also find some Latinos and wiggers who are copying the low-hanging pants style. These are all amateur guys from the streets, and the majority of them have athletic and well-defined bodies. Quite a lot of the guys sport tattoos. The guys here are the real thing, which means they have a rough look, but if you are into street thugs, these are the kind of guys that get you excited.

Since Saggers Gone Wild mainly focuses on the type of men who wear pants so they show their boxers or briefs, you won't find much hardcore action or even nudity. The guys mostly walk around and lift up their shirt or pull off their shirt to show their saggy pants. Some of the guys show some ass, too. There's a good mix of guys posing for the camera and guys filmed with hidden cams. There are a couple of videos in which you see the guys stroking their cocks and there a few hardcore videos in which you see the guys sucking dick or fucking a guy or a girl. The guys have nice-sized cocks.

Saggers Gone Wild offers 74 updates which are exclusive to the site. The majority of those updates contain one or several short clips as well as some pictures, but there are about 14 updates without clips. The updates are not dated, which makes it hard to tell how frequent new content is being added. The site was launched in 2007, so it seems that updates are pretty infrequent.

The videos are available to stream and are on the small side, playing at a size anywhere between 300x224 and 460x344, depending on the age of the videos. Some of the older videos have no control bar, which makes it impossible to further enlarge them. The videos are of amateur quality. The lighting is good and the sound is clear, but sometimes the videos are unfocused or even a bit blurry. The videos are not offered for download.

As mentioned above, most of the updates come with pictures, and there are seven more gallery pages which display an average of 125 images per page. Most of the pictures contain no nudity. The older images have no particular size, but most of the photos come at a size around 600x450. Those are digital stills of good amateur quality. The images open in a new browser tab and there are no slideshows or downloadable zips. If you want, you can save the images individually, though.

Besides videos and images, there's a link to a Yahoo! Group which is being operated by the owner of Saggers Gone Wild. It's free to join the group, which offers even more sagger pics as well as some discussions. The site also offers some history on saggers and sagging. You can find the page on the tour.

The main issue here is that I'm not sure if the site updates, but if so they must be removing as well as adding content since the site has barely grown since our previous update several years ago. The site has the look and feel and comes you would expect from a homemade amateur site, and has the issues you'd expect. The design is outdated, the videos are small and of low to average quality, and there are no features, model profiles or an active blog.

Saggers Gone Wild brings you saggers, swaggers and wiggers with low-hanging pants in videos and pictures. The guys are mostly black and Latino amateurs who show off their pants, boxers or briefs and sometimes exposed asses. There are 74 updates, each of which contains either videos (there are about 60) or pictures (or both in most cases), and there's also 7 gallery pages. The sites does not contain a lot of nudity, but there are a couple of solo and hardcore videos. While improved navigation would be a plus, the content at Saggers Gone Wild is definitely unique and entertaining - particularly if you're into street thugs wearing pants that show their underwear or are curious about the lifestyle.

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