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Sadist Boy features the antics of a couple 20-something Masters who like humiliating their slave boy with foot abuse, piss play, spanking, puppy scenes, and sometimes they let him suck their cocks or cum on his face. It's got some pretty unique content, so let's get started.

Both the dominants on the site are in their twenties sporting smooth, slim bodies. King Richard keeps his hair cropped short and he usually wears jeans with mid-calf, black combat boots, and he often has leather suspenders hanging off his waist, which gives him a skinhead feel. His buddy, Mike, is also in his twenties; he's blond and slender, and he prefers to wear sneakers. Together they use and abuse their sub, a guy named Redhead who they describe as "older" but he can't be more than 26 years old, and has dark blond hair not ginger. Redhead seems to be featured in all of the videos. There's another guy listed in the model section named Sasha and he mostly films and photographs, but has helped humiliate Redhead a handful of times.

One of the first videos I watched have Redhead lying naked on a wooden floor, and his two Masters pull out their cocks and piss on him. In another scene, Mika stands on Redhead's bare belly in his sneakers and even jumps on him, but in other videos he crushes Redhead's hard cock under his running shoes, stands on his arm, or shoves his sneaker in the sub's face. Sometimes Redhead is made to crawl around on a dog leash or gets ridden like a pony, he gets his ass fingered, the guys sit on his face in their jeans, and he regularly sucks cock and gets fucked at least once.

One of the more bizarre videos has Mika draw a bullseye on Redhead's ass with a marker, then King Richard throws a dildo at him repeatedly, obviously trying to get it in the bullseye. The first video I watched had Redhead lying on a beach in his swimming trunks and King Richard is wearing his jeans and boots and squats over his sub's face, then he pulls Redhead into the shallows of this ocean or lake and stands on his back. For the rest of the scene King Richard walks around the water in his clothes. Weird!

Sadist Boy offers 62 video updates. A few are full scenes, but even so they're only four or five minutes long; the rest of the scenes are broken into between two and five shorter updates, most no longer than five minutes, but a couple are seven minutes and a few are only one minute. I roughly counted 20 full scenes, but as the guys are always wearing jeans, it was hard to distinguish where one sessions ended and another began. The videos are offered in streaming Flash and play at 600x400. They're average amateur quality, so they don't fare well in full-screen mode. There are no downloads available here until you've been a member for four months.

There are 40 picture galleries featuring digital stills displaying at624x930, and these contain anywhere from a couple of dozen pictures to well over a hundred. There are also 63 galleries with low-quality screencaps and these display at 720x520. You can't save any of the pictures, there are no slideshows or downloadable zip file.

The episodes aren't dated, so the update schedule is uncertain. The tour shows the latest four releases displaying dates from a few days ago, and if they're accurate, the site is updating every two days. But I'm suspicious. Inside the members area there's a coming-soon section with previews of the next five scenes and these are also dated two days apart. However, once a scene is published, the date is removed. But Sadist Boy just doesn't seem to be very big, particularly since the site's tour - at least - been around for over 4 years.

There are a number of other problems with the site. Be aware that the higher-priced, 60-day membership is pre-checked on the sign-up page. Also, if you want to download videos you'll have to stick around for four months, as until then, you can only stream the videos. The site uses a Javascript that prevents you from saving any of the pictures. And finally, in this day and age, there's absolutely no viable reason to break a 14-minute video into shorter parts except to make it look like you have a lot more videos than you actually do, or to offer more frequent updates that in reality are very short clips.

But perhaps the biggest problem with Sadist Boy is the apparent limitation of most of the hardcore sex to picture galleries. There is a gallery called "Both Holes" where Mika and King Richard spit roast Redhead and one cums all over his ass. But I can't find a corresponding video - too bad, because it looked like a hot scene. And this happens more than once. Sometimes when there is action to watch, like when one of the guys straddles Redhead and jacks off on his face, the photographer gets in the middle so we get a distracted video of the action.

Sadist Boy has some interesting content and if you're into the humiliation scene and especially nasty foot play, it's pretty good amateur stuff. Unfortunately this site needs a real Master to smack it up the side of the head and teach it how to be a good little porn site. This site gets in its own way with a number of tricks of the trade like drawing out updates with segmented clips and preventing members from doing run-of-the-mill things like saving a picture. I don't very often say this in a review, but I wouldn't bother with Sadist Boy, I think there are better places to satisfy your humiliation kink.

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