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Russian Captured Boys is one of those gems we find from time to time, a site that's been hiding away churning out hot videos and waiting to be discovered. I've reviewed a few Eastern European BDSM sites, and many of them feature a lot of skinny guys and twinks, but this site is packed with strong, masculine guys sporting firm athletic and muscular bodies. I found most of them pretty sexy.

The guys here are Russians in their early to mid-twenties and most have chiseled bodies, and their bodies are smooth so we can see the muscle definition. They're largely athletic or gym-fit as opposed to bodybuilders, although a few are sporting some nice bulging muscles. And they're willing participants in punishment sessions that take on a number of forms.

In "The Football Fans," two guys are arrested at a sporting event after a fight breaks out in the stadium; now they find themselves handcuffed with their feet chained together awaiting their interrogation. One after the other they're taken to another room by their handlers. The first guy is chained up, his shirt is ripped off, then his tormentor punches him with boxing gloves. Meanwhile the second captive is stretched on a platform and squirms as his interrogator gives him electric shocks. His buddy undergoes the exact same electrifying experience, but afterward he's suspended by his arms and legs and his bare feet are beaten with a cane and riding crop. Finally, the two guys are brought together and restrained to a metal rack where they are flogged and whipped.

All the guys on Russian Captured Boys are restrained, albeit in different ways, with cuffs, leather restraints, wooden stocks, chains, and a host of other equipment. They are usually interrogated, although sometimes this is as simple as "Are you going to talk?" And since they speak Russian, the videos have English subtitles. Corporal punishment is the usual treatment here. Some of the guys are tormented with nipple clamps, hot wax, sharp objects, water, and electric devices. A few guys are suspended from a wooden cross on the wall, another is tied up and thrown in a bathtub for a cold shower, and afterwards he has to eat his dinner from a dog bowl, another is dunked repeatedly head first into a bucket of water.

There are only a handful of videos featuring full nudity; most of the guys wear street or military gear, and many are stripped down to their underwear. Dmitry is fully naked during his punishment session, which involves the usual beatings, but for his final humiliation he is jacked off and his sperm is collected for analysis. He's left tied up with cum dripping down his side and leg as the doctor leaves with his creamy sample.

There are 33 videos on Russian Captured Boys; there are 97 updates listed, and each is a part of a full scene. The videos are offered as downloadable MP4s and they're nice and big, playing at 1920x1080. I used to struggle to watch videos this large on my old system, but I just got a new powerful computer and I really loved watching these large and high-quality videos. Having said that, the video bitrates are in excess of 5 Mbps, so those of you with older or less robust systems may have problems playing them. Unfortunately, the site does not offer smaller sizes or streaming video.

Each session comes with a gallery of digital stills that are crisp and clear, as well. You'll get anywhere from 60 to 300 or so pictures per set, and you can view these on the site, save them individually, or download them in zip files to enjoy them later. There's no slideshow feature.

My biggest complaint about the site is that the videos are broken in three to five parts each, and each is added as an update a couple weeks apart. For example, the first episode of "The Football Fans" was added to the site on January 30, the second on February 17, then two more parts were added in March, and the final part on April 10. Ten weeks is quite a while to wait to see the whole session. But some videos are only a couple of parts, so it's not quite so long a wait.

At some point, and this is never explained, the videos are removed from Russian Captured Boys and added to a separate archive that requires a separate membership. It looks like the archive offers double the number of videos, but my password didn't work over there so I couldn't tell for sure. And curiously, buying a membership for both sites at the same time is not an option. You only discover that the archive is a different membership costing an additional $15 monthly charge when you click the "archive" button anywhere in the members area.

Russian Captured Boys impressed me a number of ways: the sexy guys and their hot bodies, the big and high-quality videos, the beautiful crisp pictures, and of course, the realistic training and punishment sessions. And the site updates every three or four days with another video, albeit a segment of a larger session. Still, with 33 videos broken into about three updates each that run between 10 and 15 minutes or so each, there's enough to keep you turned on. I had a lot of fun reviewing this site.

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