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Rub Him is all about man-on-man massages that include all the extras right down to the happy endings. The guys here start off getting the full treatment from masseurs with strong hands and arms and lots of oils, and these men know their way around the male body. Once every inch has been massaged, the rub-downs move to cock and ass massages, until the by-now compliant client on the table can't help but have a hard-on that demands attention - and things go where you'd expect from there. The full treatment includes skilled blowjobs, sometimes toy and ass play, and when things get hot enough, mutual oral and fucking.

The men here are mostly masculine and well-built, from athletic to muscular, and they're in their twenties or maybe thirties, although in the older episodes, the masseur is a assertive daddy in his 40s, but now there's more variety. Expect six-pack abs, strong arms and faces full of cum, ass fingering, hole stuffing and oiled-up men who get the treatment in just about every way possible from real rub-downs by manly masseuses with strong hands to full-service massages that always end with guys shooting their cumloads.

Rub Him has 162 exclusive, DRM-free videos in the member area offered in MP4 format. The downloadable videos are available in four sizes up to 1920x1080 with smaller versions for mobiles. The videos are all good amateur quality or better, and there are three resolutions of streaming vids, as well, that can be enlarged to full screen, and I recommend the two highest quality versions, which enlarge with little or no loss of quality. The smaller sizes don't fare as well when enlarged, but they're still pretty watchable at full screen. If you're not on a really fast internet connection and want to watch the larger videos, I suggest you download them rather than stream or you may run into some pauses or jerkiness in playback.

Every video comes with two picture sets. First are the digital stills, which are good amateur quality or better and are sized at 2000x1333. These really show off the men and the action well, and are definitely worth checking out. Each video also comes with a set of screencaps, and these are pretty good for screencaps. All picture sets can be downloaded in zip files, or you can save the pics you like individually. While there are no hands-free slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the buttons on the left and right of each photo.

Members get some bonuses, too - as far as I can tell, they get access to 5 sites from the same network. You'll find some interesting themes here like sex on a bus, guys getting sucked through a gloryhole in an adult book store; two sites feature interracial sex, one with well hung black tops and the other features black studs found and fucked in a gay reality theme. Some of these sites, like It's Gonna Hurt (134 videos) and Bareback Casting (95 videos) have enough content to keep members busy while others, like Urban Invasion (7 videos) and Project City Bus (11 videos) are pretty small.

Now let's talk about the issues. First, the site no longer updates - it added its last video in August of 2014. Next is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring membership when you join this site. Luckily it's easy to uncheck. Trial members get limited access to the site's content and may only be able to stream the vids, and trial memberships recur at a full $20 more per month than the regular recurring membership. And once you log in and log in again to "Your Library", it won't be clear which site to enter; click on Big Daddy, and once you're there, click on Sites to find Rub Him and the actual bonus sites. Oh, and while the tour says the network updates daily, it appears none of the sites are updating but there's enough content to keep you busy for a month or two.

And now let's talk about ads, because there's plenty to talk about. When you log in, you must pass through a full page ad, and inside the member area are there are some bonus sites, but there are also sites listed to look like bonus sites that in reality you must join in order to see the content. The top of the entry page has an extremely prominent ad that takes up the first quarter of the page and at times (it changes) looks like content. To the right of each streaming video are two large and very animated ads that will really make it hard to concentrate on the videos. Handy hint - click on the player's dropdown menu that says Screen and choose M (for medium) and not only will the player size enlarge, but the ads will disappear.

Rub Him offers gay massages that deliver much more than just a rub-down. The men are hot and horny, with lots of well-muscled bodies and firm asses, and the action includes massages, cock stroking and blowjobs, ass play, fucking and messy cumshots. The site offers 162 exclusive videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles, and each comes with a set of pics. While the site no longer updates, members also get access to a gay porn network including sites with some interesting scenarios, horny men and more hot action. While there are some issues, I liked the big, downloadable videos, masculine masseurs and the bonus sites at Rub Him. It's pretty hot stuff, and there's enough content to keep members busy for a while.

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