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Rough Thugs focuses on well-built black men. The guys are big, strong, and well endowed, and that is more than enough reason to explore this site further. The performers are in their twenties and maybe their early thirties, and most of them - if not all - are straight. There is a little bit of variety in skin tones, and some of the guys are smooth while others have some facial or body hair. However they all have two things in common, and that's the fact that they have athletic or muscular bodies, plus they've got a whole lot of inches swinging between their legs.

This is a solo jerk off site, which means you can watch the guys play with themselves as they show off their bodies and stroke their dicks. Since the majority of these guys are straight, you might hear some straight porn playing in the background and in one video a woman gives a guy a massage before leaving him to work his rod. Some of the performers really put on a show, but most of them are amateurs who aren't entirely comfortable on camera, which is a turn-on for some of us and not for others. And I have to say that these guys have all the right tools to make the scenes interesting and exciting to watch.

Rough Thugs very recently re-launched with 14 videos, seven more than there were just over a year ago, so it's possible the site has started updating again. I'm happy to report a couple improvements: the site now offers their videos for download and has a new design that, while pretty basic, is easier to use. You can get a good idea of the new design as members area is exactly the same as the tour, the only differences being that members can access the pictures and the full-length videos.

The 14 videos are offered to stream and download as DRM-free MP4s. Most of the videos are available at 1280x720 at average quality plus several smaller sizes, some of which are sharper and clearer than the largest size, and the smallest are good for most mobiles. What made me laugh out loud is that a couple of the oldest videos are - no doubt accidentally - sized at a tiny 192x144, which is the size of a large postage stamp. All the videos are full scenes.

All but one of the videos come with two sets of pics. First are the digital stills, which are good amateur quality or better and are sized online at 682x1024, which is a pretty good size, but if you want more, you can have your choice of this size and two larger ones packed in the zip files. All the videos come with sets of screencaps, most sized at 1280x720. The two tiny videos come with smaller screencaps, but they're still sized a lot bigger than the videos at 480x360.

Now let's talk about issues and concerns. I already mentioned that the site has only added seven videos in the past 13 months, and the reason I can't tell when updates are being added is that all but one of the videos are dated within the last three and a half months despite the fact that at least seven have been there for over a year. There's a calendar that should be showing future updates, but it's totally blank. And the model index has very brief profiles for only some of the models - for the others, there aren't even preview thumbs and there's no info at all. And as you know, the site is still small with only 14 videos, but along with some of the recent changes, I hope to see some updates in the future.

Last, let's talk about the new layout. While the site changed to a new design with completely different organization, I don't see it as that much of an improvement. Yes, the new layout makes navigation simpler, but the preview thumbs are small and the layout has no personality. For some reason I had to click and click to get the ENTER link on the warning page to work, and this is the old warning page with twinky guys who in no way reflect the men you'll find on the tour or in the member area. Oh, by the way, the tour page title in the code includes "Male & Female Hardcore" and "Free Gay Porn" on it, which has nothing to do with the site.

I really like the men of Rough Thugs. They're mostly athletic and lean to muscular, with plenty of attitude and big black dicks, and if you're into real amateur jerk-off videos, the content here could be right up your alley. There are 14 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, although updates are uncertain. It looks like the owners have never actually looked through the site or they'd have caught those two tiny videos and missing model profiles. As I always try to end my reviews with a positive note, so I will repeat once again: the guys at Rough Thugs are hot ebony studs with big black cocks.

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