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Ron Bendover is the producer and star of all the videos of his brand-new amateur site called, unsurprisingly, Ron Bendover. And with a name like that, it shouldn't be a surprise that Ron loves ass play including butt worship, fisting, penetration with huge dildos, butt plugs and a variety of other things anal. The site opened in late October 2016, and I'm heading in to see what Ron has to offer us.

Ron is a beefy, in-shape man with a meaty ass. It's hard telling you a lot about him because we spend so much time looking at his butt. But we get glimpses of his face, which these days is sporting a dark goatee, although in the past he's been clean-shaven, as well. In fact, Ron keeps his whole body smooth, and it's apparent that he shaves his butt, legs, underarms and pubes. His cock is uncut.

Almost all of the videos here are solos, although there are two where Ron has a top fisting him. The rest of the sessions feature Ron and his wide array of sex toys - dildos, butt plugs, inflatable toys, and even a couple of homemade toys. And Ron also loves using his own fingers.

In "Blowing Up My Ass" Ron get down on his hands and knees before shoving a dildo inside his ass, then he progresses to an inflatable dildo and fucks his ass in a couple of different positions. In "Cum In My Own Mouth" Ron plays with his hole, then lies on his back and hoists his legs in the air, unloading his nuts all over his own face. In another video he fucks himself with a 10-inch dildo, then sucks on it while he fingers his hole some more. Ron likes nylons, too, and does one session wearing fishnet stockings and another in a pair of lacy nylons, but in the rest of the videos he's barefoot and bare legged.

One video sees Ron squirting milk out of his ass and another, called "Anal Creampie", lets us watch while he squeezes a load of jizz out of his ass - where it came from, we'll never know. Ron demonstrates prostate milking in a video by the same name, which sees him bounces on a dildo and rubbing it against his prostate, and every few seconds a trail of juice slides out of his dick. In "Prolapse Enema" Ron hops in the shower and gives himself an enema and squirts clean water out of his ass.

There are 26 exclusive videos inside Ron Bendover, and they'll all filmed by Ron. You can download them in MP4 format, and they play at 1280x720. They're good amateur quality with good lightening and sound and crisp pictures. If you prefer to watch them on the site you can stream them at 1000x564 or use the full-screen option as the videos don't lose any quality. All of the videos are mobile compatible, so you shouldn't have any trouble playing them on your newer cell phones and tablets, although the vids may be too big for the oldest phones.

Something that bothered me is the lack of an actual member area area or any way of truly navigating the site. The tour displays all of the available videos and you click the "watch now" button beneath each one and enter your login credentials in the pop-up box. The episode pops up over the tour page and from here you can view the video or download it. There are some technical stats under the video like it's duration, but what bothered me a bit is that there's no scene descriptions.

And once you're done you can do one of two things: there are three other videos showing underneath the one you just watched and you can click any one's "watch now" button or you can click a Close button in the top right corner. Honestly, even though the Close button is rather large, I was still confused as to how to get around the site and tried clicking the logo, which did nothing. I've reviewed hundreds of sites and if it wasn't clear to me what to do, so I imagine many will be confused as well. But once I figured it out, I had no problems.

There are no picture galleries on Ron Bendover. None of the episodes are dated, although three of them are flagged as New, but beyond that there's no way to know exactly when or how often the site updates, although for the past three weeks there have been four new videos added. But on the good news side, the site offers unlimited streaming and downloads, and there's no DRM used so the videos will play after your membership expires.

One final peeve is that there's no information on the site about Ron himself. I'd like to see some stats and a bit of history on his journey through the world of ass play. I also wouldn't mind some picture galleries that show us all of Ron and not just his ass. He's a sexy man and I want to see every inch of him.

Ron Bendover is a new site featuring a sexy amateur hunk who loves playing with his ass, and he puts on quite a show. If you like close-up dildo-in-hole scenes, you'll love these sessions. Ron aims the camera at his ass then goes to work filling it with dildos, butt plugs and his fingers, and he even calls a buddy over for some handballing. While the site is small, the videos are good quality with clear pictures and good sound. I found Ron's 26 videos creative and enjoyable, and they gave me some ideas for some of my own sessions. I want to learn more about this prostate milking, and if you feel the same, you'll want to check Ron Bendover out.

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