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Rod Daily is that guy at the gym you stare at and who thankfully lets you stare. He says things like "Fuck yeah, dude!" and "Ahhh! Ohhh! Unhhh!", and if you try to talk to him about nuclear physics, you'll end up with his dick in your mouth. Only Rod Daily has his own mostly-gay porn site. While there are currently just three bisexual scenes on the site (just so you know he gets into that, too), the vast majority are all-male duos and threesomes (with the occasional solo). The guys are uniformly in shape, some lean and athletic, some more thickly muscled. Rod falls somewhere in between and carries a lot of power. He knows how to fuck.

Though the jock-filled site is named after him, Rod's not in every scene. Even shameless horndogs need a break. He gives plenty of screen time to his A-list porn star buddies, who all appear to work out about 12 days a week and spend a good deal of time waxing and tanning. Almost all the guys appear to be Caucasian in their 20s or 30s. The majority of action is vanilla (yet still intense) sucking and fucking, with a fetish sprinkled in here and there.

There are 77 exclusive videos, each a full scene ranging from about 15 to 35 minutes (plus a slick title sequence with snippets from the scene), although sadly the site no longer updates. Sound, lighting, camera angles and sets are good quality. Download and streaming options are clearly labeled. Videos are DRM free and downloadable as MP4s (up to a full 1080p for the most recent videos, with smaller options available) and WMV (either 240p or 480p). Streaming options for the newest videos include "Web HD" at a crisp 540p. Download speeds are very fast and streams load quickly. Newer MP4 downloads are available at 1920x1080 @ 7 Mbps plus four smaller sizes, with older MP4s at 967x544 @ 1.90 Mbps plus two smaller sizes. The smaller MP4s play on mobile. WMVs are max sized at 720x400 @ 2 Mbps.

There are 82 exclusive photo sets, generally matched up with scenes (with a few more photo sets than scenes). Each is accessible in the from the Photos section or via a picture link below each video. And when viewing a pic set, there is a link to watch the related video. Pics are digital stills, sized from 800x1204 to 1280x1920 and are good quality. Pics are navigable one-handed by the arrow keys. No downloadable zip files are offered.

Members get access to 13 bonus sites including Next Door Male and Cody Cummings, and while 6 of the sites update, most of the single-model sites no longer updates. There are 36 "On the Set" videos plus live shows several nights a week featuring the Next Door Studios performers. While there is a blog, it's no longer updated, and is also available on the tour.

The teasers for the live shows are hot, making me wish they had the live shows archived for download. This also matters since the next show, for example, is at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, which would be a challenge for West Coasters with day jobs. But with several shows a week (including on weekends), catching a live show should be possible.

Navigation is clean, with filtering available by category, actor and title. Once on the page for a video, there are tags for the performers, making it easy to find their other videos (which are also shown lower on the page). Each video also has a write up, so in addition to the categories it's in, you get a sense of the action before you watch. Once you filter your results by category or performer, you can refine your results by rating and most viewed, and those options are helpful.

There are a few potential issues worth mentioning. First, as mentioned, the site no longer adds new content. Next, a pop-up may appear when hitting the back button from the join page. Also trial members only get streaming access to the videos; to get download access, one must have a full membership of at least a month.

Rod Daily is full of hard, horny jocks in solo, duo and threesome action. The sex is almost entirely gay with a small number of bi scenes. Video and photo quality is good, with some fantasy scenarios (doctor, phone sex, gym) and others that are more straightforward. There are a good variety of DRM-free video download options (including newer scenes in HD), plus crisp streaming. The 14 bonus sites and multiple live shows per week help make up for the fact that the site doesn't update. The action is polished, self-aware and slick, with a voyeuristic feel, and Rod Daily himself is drool-worthy if you like muscled, sexy jocks.

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