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Rocco Steele made his first porno back in July 2014 and he was a huge and instant hit. In May 2015 he launched his own site called Rocco Steele Studio that features videos you won't find anywhere else. It's not a typical membership site where you pay a monthly recurring fee, but rather you buy the clips on an individual basis and they're yours to keep - buy as many or few as you want.

First let's talk about the man himself. Rocco Steele got into the porn business pretty late in life; he's a 45-year-old daddy, ruggedly handsome, sporting a very well-built body, and swinging a massive 10x7 cut cock between his legs. (Some say it's 10x6, but I'm going to err on the side of hugeness.) He wears sleeves of ink and another tattoo across his chest. When he started filming his hair was cropped short; now it's longer and styled. He usually wears a beard, but in varying lengths, sometimes he wears eye glasses - and looks studious and très sexy - and his body is moderately furry. Rocco Steele is all top and maintains that he'll retire without bottoming. Who wants him to bottom anyway? With a monster cock like his, I'm only interested in seeing him make bottoms scream.

Rocco Steele pairs up with other porn performers in his videos and they include some very well-established porn hunks like Brock Avery, Mike De Marko, Owen Powers, and Max Cameron, but there are also newcomers like Chris Harder, Jason Rogue, and Jackson Fillmore. Of course they all do their best to swallow Steele's humongous dick -- some do better than others -- then they bend over and get their asses stuffed.

Most of the videos here are full scenes where the men suck and fuck with little set-up. And even though Steele is a top, that doesn't stop him from sucking dick, and he's a master ass eater. He fucks his bottoms sometimes with condoms and sometimes bareback. The site has two three-part series: one is called "Daddy's Home" where Steele and Mike De Marko play with Fleshjacks in the first part, they blow each other in the second, then Steele fucks his boy in the finale episode. The second series has Steele playing a night-shift jail guard in "Nightstick Diaries" where he watches two prisoners fucking, then fucks each guy in his own episode.

There are also two solo scenes, one where Steele plays with a cock pump (he can barely get it in the cylinder) and the other where he jacks off on this combat boot.

There are 21 videos on Rocco Steele Studio; 15 of these are full scenes and then there's the 2 series I just talked about that have a total of six scenes, 3 in each series. They're offered in downloadable QuickTime format and they play at 1280x720. They're good amateur quality productions with pretty clear picture quality, and they fare quite well in full-screen mode. There are no picture galleries here.

You can purchase clips individually or in groups - it's up to you - and there are no discounts for purchasing multiple clips. The clips run anywhere from $8 for a solo video to $25 for a long, full-length scene, and in between you can pick up videos for $10 to $15 each. Once your order is processed, you download your videos and start watching. It's pretty simple. The site opened at the beginning of May and most of the videos were loaded at that time. Updates continue to be added a week apart, but the site may have removed a video, as there's one less than there should be considering the number of updates.

My biggest complaint about the site is that I had to go elsewhere to find all of Rocco Steele's bio details. It'd be nice if this information was maintained on his site. There is a decent write-up for each of the scenes, but unfortunately there are no preview galleries, just an animated gif on a never-ending loop.

There you have it, Rocco Steele Studio is a simple site that doesn't get bogged down with a lot of bells and whistles. And who wants them? I don't want anything standing in my way of watching this handsome hunk pounding ass with his 10x6 dick. I never get tired of watching bottoms trying to get that thing in their mouths. There are a handful of 10-minute quickies, but most of the videos are full-length scenes running 30 to 40 minutes and they're not found anywhere else. While the site could have a bit more personality, it works and the videos are hot, and that's all that really matters for hardcore Rocco Steele fans.

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