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Reel Secrets is a new site that that isn't a member site, and it isn't a pay per view site exactly, either. It works almost like a cross between a hookup site, a pay per view site and a cam site without the live guys. Members can upload their videos and pics (membership itself is free), and other members can either pay to watch the content for life or - and this is the site's biggest feature - can order a custom video tailored to their tastes and preferences from many of the models. Before we go further, let's talk about the kind of men you'll find.

The most popular guys on the sites are mostly hunks with really nice athletic, muscular bodies; some are smooth while others are hairy, but these models are hot, although not all show their faces on their profiles. And there are plenty of regular guy types, from average to cute, including some more mature men. There are some slender guys, chubby guys and the ones who fall somewhere in between. Some of the models have unshaved pubes, others have facial hair, and a number have tattoos. And when it comes to cocks, not all the guys are showing them but there's a good mix of all sizes, and there are lots of uncut dicks, too.

It appears that the action here is all solo. There are guys with gym-built bodies flexing and posing in their profile pics, taking selfies that they post on the site and showing their cocks, many hard and some soft. One model, called MoxieDude, has animated GIFS on his profile displaying him in the shower, showing off his hairy ass and more, and the other features him wearing a jock strap posing and messing around. The thing to keep in mind here is that these are members - some of the models here are probably semi-pros who work live cams, while others may be regular guys who want to show off their bodies or cocks to show off, and some have a single pic or even no pics on their profiles.

So how does this work? Well, to get started you sign up for a free membership; this allows you to see the free profile pics enlarged, the occasional free video, and also allows you to unlock existing videos or individual pictures with credits. Members can also post their own videos or pics, showing off for other members and maybe making a few sales here and there, and can get messages from other members, handy if you want to talk about what you'd like to see them do in a custom video. After you talk to a model about what you'd like to see and he gets back to you with a price, the custom videos have a 3-day turnaround.

Does this site have any issues? Well, not so much issues as quirks and things that could be improved. First off, none of the models have put up a nice, full profile as most do on cam sites. Since one of the things that helps you pick a model is knowing more about him and seeing some profile pics, more info and samples would help keep members involved. While we were told the videos in this site are HD, the samples I saw were not, and we weren't given any paid samples to view, so I also can't tell you video format. Quality is going to vary a lot, as some of the models are using pretty good quality cams and others lower quality.

There are a couple last things worth mentioning. Be aware before ordering a custom video is that these videos, even though ordered to your personal preferences, are not offered for download. They can only be streamed, although you can stream them on the site with no expiration. And when it comes to pictures, you pay for them one at a time, not as a set, and can't clearly see each thumb. While each pic should have a description, it appears that in many cases the models don't bother to add them, so there's no decent way to preview them.

When all is said and done, Reel Secrets has an interesting concept - letting amateur guys (and some not-so-amateur guys) create and sell their own content. There are some very hot and well-built hunks and jocks here, as well as average guys, so you'll find all sorts of body types and cock sizes. I'd have liked to see more fully realized model profiles and to see more profile pics for most of the guys, but overall this is a fresh and unique idea, and since the membership is free unless you want to pay for actual content, you can browse the site, checking out the models with the ability to enlarge profile pics and maybe watch a couple sample videos.

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