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Real Sperm Swap focuses on all kinds of cumplay and in particular on cum-swapping, snowballing, mouth-to-mouth jizz play or whatever you would like to call it. Watching these guys swapping cum is hot, especially if you are into twinks and college-age amateurs from Central and Eastern Europe.

The performers are amateurs and some porn regulars, mostly between 18 and 25 years of age, and they've got that boy-next-door feel. I have seen a couple of the guys on other sites, so you might recognize a couple of them. The performers all look very natural, with slim or slightly beefy bodies and some body hair, as well. They are Caucasians, but some have a more olive-toned skin. Since they are all European, there are plenty of uncut cocks to enjoy.

While the site focuses on cum-swapping, there is of course plenty of oral and anal action before the cum starts flying. Most of the videos are hardcore duos, but you will find some occasional threesomes and foursomes, too. The action is hot and passionate and the performers know how to use their cocks, mouths and asses. The majority of the fucking is bareback, by the way. Hold on to your load for a little longer, as I will tell you what Real Sperm Swap has in store.

The members area of Real Sperm Swap contains 22 videos, which were all added between 2007 and 2009 as the site stopped updating in 2009, so I think it's safe to say that we won't see any new stuff in the future.

The videos are offered as both full scenes and clips, and the way they're presented makes it look like there are 44 videos - double the actual amount. The videos are downloadable WMVs which play at a size of 854x480. The videos are of good amateur quality, but the colors are a bit dull.

If you prefer to watch the videos online, you can stream them at 320x195, but there is no way to enlarge the player, disappointing since the default size is so small. The videos are not protected by DRM, but if you stream them you will be asked for your username and password when you start each video, which is annoying.

Each Real Sperm Swap video comes with two matching sets of pictures. One of the sets contains about 100 decent quality digital stills which are shown at 1260x853 and captures the sex and cum-swapping well. The other set contains between 400 and 650 screencaps, available at a size of 1280x720. The screencaps are average quality, some are a bit dark and they are often repetitive, too. You can save individual pictures or download sets in zips files and there's a hands-free slideshow for easy viewing.

Real Sperm Swap also offers erotic fiction. There are more than 100 stories, although nothing new has been added after 2007. I read a couple of those stories and some are pretty hot. Members also get access to 13 bonus sites, of which one is a tranny site. All these sites are owned by the same company and none of the sites still updates. They also promise you access to a free site with thousands of photos, but the site no longer exists. Then, there are a couple of links to webcam sites, but these are owned by third parties and you would need to buy tokens to make full use of their services.

The site has some issues, and most important is that the site does not update and only offers 22 videos - more disappointing is that the bonus sites don't update, either. The streaming videos are very small and can't be enlarged. Also worth mentioning is that the member area is loaded with banner advertisements for other porn sites.

While I like the theme of the site and while the sex and cum-play are hot, I feel a little unsatisfied. The guys are into the sex, and you will find some good snowballing action, too. There are 22 downloadable videos, but I found I wanted more after watching what was there. Since the site has not been updated since 2009, more is not forthcoming. And while the bonus sites did offer more videos starring the same kind of guys, their lack of updates meant that after a month most members will have watched all the network videos that interested them. While the Euro guys' uncut cocks, barebacking and cum-swapping makes for some good watching, I am not sure if that's enough to make a membership worth it.

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