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Real Naked Athletes features videos of both amateur and professional sportsmen from all over the world. If you're a fan of athletes in their gear, guys changing or showering in the locker room or lots of candid nudes, this site is packed with almost 4,000 videos clips. There's a lot to talk about here, so let's get started.

There are heaps of locker room and shower scenes where you'll see guys changing out of their sports gear or totally nude, and there are guys showering alone or in groups. A lot of the locker room videos show the athletes horsing around, celebrating, singing, dancing, or talking about the game, and you'll see a variety of clothed to fully nude guys and everything in between. One changing room video has a guy stripping at his locker while a guy behind him towels off; then, finally alone, the nude guy swivels his hips and shakes his cock from side to side - he even proudly tugs it once or twice while standing in front of the mirror. There are quite a few streaking videos, both solo or entire sports teams running naked on the field, as well there are videos of footballers playing a match in the nude or horsing around.

Some of the videos are authentic interview reels where a reporter talks to an athlete in the locker room and a naked crotch walks by in the background while some of the clips are taken from television sports footage. A lot of the content is amateur video shot with various cameras or cell phones. There are also 21 pages of spycam videos where guys are filmed in various stages of undress, showering, or toweling off afterwards. One guy even sets up a camera in a locker and films himself jacking his long cock in the shower for 16 minutes; he was joined by another nude guy who didn't seem to notice the first incessantly lathering his cock. One spycam video had a funny bit where a guy drops the soap in the shower, and even though he was alone, he wouldn't bend over to pick it up - he grabs another bar out off the soap dish instead.

There is a Browse section that features various categories of sportsmen like cyclists, footballers, boxers, rugby players, and more. As well, each of these categories has several sub-sections to help you hone in on specific types of content, so the Locker Room category offers American sports, famous sportsmen, football, gym, hidden cam, rugby, and AFL. However, there aren't any categories pertaining to sex like jacking off or cumming, but those videos do exist like the one of porn performer Bryan Cole in the gym shower where he goes from soft to cumshot in 1:32 minutes.

There are a fair number of professional athletes on the site, and it's easiest to find them in a section called The Men. They are arranged alphabetically and each gallery contains a couple of pictures, which can be anything from sports uniforms, locker room shots, nude selfies, wardrobe malfunctions during the game, and lots more.

There are 3,799 videos offered in both downloadable and streaming Flash. Because the videos are filmed by lots of different people using many kinds of cameras, they come in all shapes and sizes. The streaming player is 628 pixels wide and some videos fill the whole player, which is around 628x434, but many don't. As well, the downloadable videos are all over the place: one shower spycam video played back at 1250x852 in black and white, another was a larger 1650 pixels wide and it was in color and very clear, and you'll find plenty of smaller videos in sizes like 640x480. Some of the videos are only 15 or 20 seconds long, but I saw some that were 25 minutes or longer, as well.

There are 1,016 different themed galleries from sportsmen pissing to hunks and winter sports where you'll see guys skiing naked. You'll find galleries of every type of sportsman imaginable: cricket, boxing, football, swimming, gymnastics, rowing, and on it goes. Each gallery has any number of pictures from six to several dozen, and they're a mix of sizes both color and black and white, both screencaps and digital stills. You can view the pictures in thumbnail galleries and save them individually, but there are no slideshows or zip files. As well, each video has a small gallery of around 25 screencaps.

The site says that they add at least one video or image gallery per day, and while this mainly seems to be true, I did see a couple of days in the past month without any updates. Your membership also gives you access to Straight Lads Exposed (16,000 videos) and Male Strippers Exposed (1,300 videos), but there's a lot of overlap between the three sites.

Real Naked Athletes is fairly well organized, which is good given then number of videos, but there are some shortcomings. The videos are only offered in Flash, and while I didn't have any trouble viewing or downloading the videos, both Firefox and Chrome have gone back and forth in their support of the Flash format, so this site is behind the times. Also, Flash isn't the most popular format when it comes to downloads. And I want to remind you that video sizes and picture quality vary greatly here and lots of the videos are under a minute or two, even some as short as 10 seconds, although many are definitely longer.

I think Real Naked Athletes is a good site for fans who like seeing sportsmen in candid and natural settings wearing their gear or nothing at all. If you're looking for heaps of videos of guys jacking their dicks, you won't find them here, although there are some; mostly you'll find team players horsing around or getting ready for the game in the locker room, guys in the shower, sneak-peek videos filmed with hidden cameras, and all kinds of amateur footage shot on video cameras or cell phones. With 3,799, over 1,000 picture sets and mostly daily updates, there's lots to explore here and you should have fun.

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