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Real Boy Dates is probably the most basic and to-the-point site I've ever seen. The site features all 9 scenes from a german porn DVD called - no surprise here - Real Boy Dates. The tour shows a bunch of vidcaps from the videos with action including fucking, sucking, sex toy insertion, fisting, group sex and kissing. There's also a short video sample. The text on the tour is direct and explains pretty much what I've told you, so let's see what we find in the member area.

The member area of Real Boy Dates offers no pics, no extras, no ads and no bs - just the videos. Navigation is simple, which is refreshing after seeing so many sites recently with tons of ads all over their pages or overly complicated navigation. When you log in, you are taken to a page with 9 large thumbs, each labeled with the scene number (they call them chapters) and the name of the guys in the movie. To the right of each thumb is the duration of the video and 3 links offering the full scene in 3 formats - AVI, MPG and WMV.

The AVIs are the star of this show. They're shown at 720x525, and they look good - in fact, you can go full screen with them with virtually no loss of quality. But for those who aren't into AVIs, there is an MPG and WMV version of each video, as well. These are smaller, but as long as you don't try to enlarge them, they look fine. Keep in mind that one or two of the scenes aren't lit as well as the others, so for those scenes you may need to turn up your monitor's brightness.

Whoever shot the Real Boy Dates movies did a pretty good job. There's plenty of closeups that show the good stuff, and penetration and cumshots are well caught. The videos I watched have good sound - you can hear the moans, sighs and gasps as well as all the other sounds of sex. The videos also play pretty smoothly, and there's nothing to distract viewers from the action.

Real Boy Dates has exactly what they claim - 9 videos and plenty of gay sex. The guys are mostly college-aged, there's all sorts of actin and the videos are downloadable full scenes. The site offers no bonus content, no extras, no blogs, no forums. It doesn't claim to update and the member area has no ads. If you're looking for a larger site or one with plenty of extras and updates, this is not the site for you. But if you'd like to spend 2 hours watching the guys from the tour as they fuck, suck, penetrate with fingers and toys and shoot their loads, Real Boy Dates delivers.

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