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Today, we're reviewing the site of gay porn legend Ray Dragon. He started his career in porn in 1990 after his boyfriend sent pictures of him to Colt Studios. Ray became one of the most popular performers in the early 90s until he left the business to focus on a career in fashion. Since returning to the adult industry in 2001, Ray has been working on both sides of the camera. Nowadays, Ray is a director, producer, editor and videographer for his own production company, as well as for other big gay porn producers. And he also runs his own membership site, where you can enjoy all the hot stuff which he has produced.

Ray is known for working with well-built, masculine performers, and that's exactly the kind of men you will find in his website. Expect a lot of muscular bodies, hairy chests and big cocks. The majority of the guys on his site are professional performers, such as Colby Keller, Adam Russo and Chad Brock.

Ray Dragon also offers a huge collection of the vintage "Old Reliable" movies, which have been filmed in the 70s and 80s by David Hurles, who can be looked at as the inventor of amateur-style gay porn. The "Old Reliable" tapes were a big success back in the day and I bet anyone who has ever watched those tapes remembers the well-hung straight guy Springer.

The site also offers videos from legendary director Joe Gage. He started his career in the late seventies and quickly became one of gay porn's most successful and influential directors. It was during that time, that he made the iconic "Working Man Trilogy". Mr. Gage left the business in the late eighties, but made his comeback in 2001. In the past couple of years, Joe Gage has teamed up with Ray Dragon. Together they are creating films that are edgier and less like your average studio productions.

Since there are pictures and movies from the 70s till today, this site really offers a lot of variety. The same goes for the action on this site. You will find hot guys stroking their meat or sucking themselves off, but there's also a lot of hardcore action. From duos to gangbang scenes and from blowjobs to fisting - there is actually a bit of everything.

Ray Dragon does not have a fixed update schedule, but new videos are being added several times per month. When you log into the member's area, you will find 41 full-length DVDs and 282 DRM-free scenes listed in separate categories. The first category is called Movies and contains the 41 DVDs which have been produced by Ray. Each full-length movie has been divided into 4 to 12 scenes. The second category is called Sex Files, where you can find 56 scenes of Ray himself, as well as other hot guys. The third category is called Old Reliable, in which you will find 224 vintage scenes. The fourth category only contains two scenes - starring Ray Dragon - which were filmed by Colt Studios in 1991. Those scenes have never released and were found many years later.

The last category is called Downloads. This category contains 55 scenes from the Old Reliable tapes, which are available for download. You can save these videos to your computer as MP4 files at a size of 640x480. The streaming videos from the other categories cannot be downloaded. The streaming player has a default size of 800x470, but you can enlarge the videos to full screen if you want. Just keep in mind that a lot of these videos were produced many years ago - they were shot on film - so the quality of the videos might be lower than the current video quality standards, although as good as most classic vids. However, the newer videos are good quality with clear sound.

At this time, Ray Dragon offers 239 picture sets, and these have also been divided into several categories. The first category, called Men, offer 91 photo sets of models who have been photographed by Ray. Then there are 66 classic galleries, which show men from the past few decades. The third category offers 28 galleries of cock shots. Next are 19 sets of vidcaps from the DVDs which are listed on this site. In the last category are 35 sets of Ray Dragon himself.

You can check out the pics in a Flash-based photo viewer at a size of 350x470. You can also choose to watch the photos at full screen, and there's an easy hands-free slideshow feature. Pictures can not be saved or downloaded. On average, there are 50 pictures in a set.

The site has some small issues. The navigation could be simplified, and there is no search function. Only the most recent scenes are dated, although enough to give you an idea of update frequency. One odd thing definitely worth mentioning is that when you try to pause a video, you will return to the video index till you click the thumb again, when you'll find yourself at the point in the video you paused.

Ray Dragon offers a lot of variety, as the site brings you the best from the past as well as videos from today. The site is an online exhibition of photos and videos which hunky porn star Ray Dragon has produced or has appeared in. There are amateurs and professionals of all ages and races and the majority of them are hot masculine and muscular men. I also enjoyed watching the Old Reliable tapes from the 70s and 80s, which are a great addition to the site. I really enjoyed Ray Dragon - the man and the site - and fans of Mr. Dragon or vintage porn and manly stars and amateurs will find a lot to like here.

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