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Raw Oreo focuses on amateur guys in interracial action, and it's been quite a while since we last visited the site, but while there have been some changes, what's important has stayed the same. The tops are well-hung black studs who give white and Latin bottoms bareback ass poundings in some interesting positions following oral sessions that often includes gagging, face fucking, some rimjobs and plenty of cumshots, some of which are internal. I found a hot threesome featuring two black performers and one cock-hungry white bottom who takes some pretty impressive black rods in both holes as he's spitroasted.

The performers are mostly lean and athletic or slender, but most have nicely muscled legs. The black guys have some attitude, and some are tattooed; the thug vibe works very well for aggressive tops, and the bottom boys aren't exactly pretty boys or porn stars, either. You'll find some threesomes as well as duos where the bottoms' holes are pounded after their mouths are full of cock. And that reminds me, one of the recurring white guy bottoms here is called Frost, and he's the owner of the site. More importantly, he really knows how to take a big black dick or even two at once.

RawOreo offers 67 DRM-free videos in MP4 format. These can be downloaded at 1280x720 plus two smaller sizes, the smallest size good for older mobiles and the larger good for newer ones. The quality is pretty good, and the videos I downloaded are sharp and clear, although shot and lit by amateurs, so don't be surprised if the two or three guys are all on the left side of the frame or the room is dim. Still, these make good watching. And if you prefer, you can stream the vids in an adaptive player, which means the player resizes to fit your screen. Three resolutions are offered, but if you're planning to go full screen, I suggest you go with the 720p version, which is the largest.

The site has added four picture galleries since our last visit. These aren't sets; three of the folders have screencaps from several videos each, sizes varying; there are pics sized from 703x527 to 1920x1080, and there are plenty of sizes in between including some images cropped to smaller sizes. The last gallery offers a collection of 28 DVD covers. Each image is around 1200x800, give or take, and the images show both the back and front covers. All pics can be browsed as online galleries and downloaded as zip files. If you hit the arrow to the right of any picture, slideshow controls and a link to download the individual photo will appear.

Now let's talk about updates. The bad news is that the site is no longer adding new content, and it had been recycling updates. There are only 26 more videos than there were four and a half years ago, and the site indicates that the oldest videos are from eight months ago, yet we reviewed the site in August 2014 and it had 41 videos at that time. Also the updates listed for over two and a half months are live shows, and as far as I can tell, live shows aren't included with your membership. Which means the site isn't currently even recycling video updates.

Are there other issues? Well, there's a notification pop-up on the tour that - if you agree - will pop-up notifications in your browser at any time. If you share your computer with a boss, roommate or anyone else you don't want to see porn notifications, I suggest you select the block in the notification pop-up. There's no one-month membership, which means your options are a two-day trial or a much more expensive option.

There are some more things to mention, as well. When you go to join the site, after you select a membership you are taken to a page with two boxes to check; the one says you agree to receive emails, but you don't have to check that one to be taken to the billing page. Also the blog has a single listed entry, but there's no text or pictures there. I was disappointed that the site doesn't offer a screencap set for each video rather than only a few galleries with pics from multiple videos in each gallery.

The site has made some improvements I was happy to see, too. There were some server problems for a while, but navigating, downloading and streaming were smooth and easy during my visit. The videos have all been enlarged, and at a guess, are their original size as they haven't lost any quality by being offered at a larger size. The trial membership price is much lower, and it also seems to give full access, always a plus. And the site added an "About" page for those who want to know more about Frost, the owner of the site.

Raw Oreo delivers aggressive and hung black tops and the white and Latin bottoms who can't get enough of them in interracial barebacking action. There are 67 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site has added a few picture sets. Unfortunately the site has stopped adding new content, and all the supposed latest updates are listed as live shows, which members don't get access to. Still, the content appears to be homemade, and the action is sizzling as the bottoms' holes are stretched to take one or two big black dicks.

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