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Raw Joxxx is a new bareback sex site with a nice, slick design, and they promise their videos are packed with hot, unadulterated men sucking and fucking in "wholesome raw" and "sleazy bareback sex" with lots of cum guzzling. I'm not sure how a site can be "wholesome" and "sleazy" at the same time, so I'm interested to get inside of this one.

With a name like Raw Joxxx I was expecting college-aged, athletic guys sucking and fucking without condoms, but the men here are not jocks - well, not mostly, anyway. There a few twenty-something-year-old guys who loosely fit the jock look with youthful faces and rock-hard bodies, but most of the performers are muscle hunks, daddies, and masculine men in their mid-twenties to early thirties. A lot of them are furry and many are tattooed; there are also quite a few black men on the site. Most of the models here are well-known players from the bareback porn scene: Chad Brock, Tyler Saint, Kyle Savage, Drew Sumrok, Kamrun, Lex Antoine, Matt Sizemore, Sage Daniels and Tyler Reed.

There are 6 threeway scenes on the site, but the rest of the action is man-on-man duos with lots of kissing, cock sucking, rimming and ass fucking. There are no condoms here, most of the tops breeding their bottoms' holes, sometimes feasting on their own loads when they're done or feeding their bottoms' hungry mouths. A lot of the action is filmed in apartment settings (living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens), but there are many scenes filmed in play rooms with bunks beds, benches or slings, and there are some gritty and dirty dungeon scenarios. Wherever the sex happens, it is sleazy with lots of dirty talk and lives up to the site's promise.

Raw Joxxx opened in January 2014 with 45 scenes that are offered in streaming Flash format and play at 770x432. They come in 3 to 4 different speeds from low to HD, although not all scenes are offered in the HD version. The scenes auto play on the second lowest format, which I found was a little pixelated for my taste, but a quick jump to the highest version is an easy click. I found these played well and the picture quality was decent to good depending on the age of the video. Under the video player is an image device with thumbnails showing you key points in each scene, clicking any of these easily jumps you ahead to that part of the video. I liked this feature a lot and wish more sites would use it. There are no downloadable videos on Raw Joxxx, but there's no DRM either, so watching them is hassle free. And some scenes have a behind-the-scenes video showing you outtakes, bloopers, and other fun stuff that's available on the episode page.

There are no picture galleries on the site, but each episode has 8 decent-sized pictures that let you preview the action. However, these are not clickable for larger versions.

Raw Joxxx is run by PPV Networks, and while their theatres are usually pay-per-minute set-ups, Raw Joxxx is an all-you-can-watch monthly membership. Most of the content here is not exclusive as it comes from another bareback site called Breed Me Raw. Of the latest 15 scenes on the site, 3 of them were brand new with the remaining 12 coming from the other site. However, the newest 5 scenes seems to be following a new/old/new format. I'll check back in a couple of months to see if Raw Joxxx is continuing to add never-before-seen content in this manner.

There weren't really any deal breakers on Raw Joxxx, although if you are looking for jocks you'll have to accept the site's wide interpretation of "jock." As I mentioned, most of the content isn't exclusive to this site, but Raw Joxxx is updating every week. Finally there are two join pages: the first tells you the prices, but the second doesn't mention pricing when asking you select the type of membership you want.

Raw Joxxx is just getting off the ground and for a limited time they're offering a 30-day membership for $9.95, which is a great way to check it out. While most of the men aren't what I'd consider jocks, I did like them, in fact, generally speaking, they're exactly the kind of men I enjoy watching in porn. The sex is raw and piggy with lots of good cock-in-hole close-ups and plenty of dirty talk. There are no story lines, each video opens with a couple of horny men getting right to it - my kind of place. I was never a big fan of the pay-per-minute model, so I'm happy that Raw Joxxx has one basic price for a month's worth of viewing. Raw Joxxx is a good solid site with a simple but attractive design that doesn't stand in your way of enjoying the content. Fans of raunchy bareback sex should be pretty happy with Raw Joxxx.

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