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Rate These Guys is a site with an unique concept. Their models are straight amateurs who make short videos in different niches that are sometimes challenges from members, and if one of their videos is rated the hottest they win a cash prize. The categories range from things like stripping to pissing, talking about their nastiest sexual experience, or showing off their assholes, and each of the guys has videos in multiple categories. Since there's money involved for the hottest videos, the performers do their best to one-up the other guys. I like the concept - and the men look like real amateurs, always a plus.

The models here are regular guys you might see anywhere. Most are between 18 and 25, range from clean cut to shaggy and from fit to muscular, and they include college students, shop workers, military men and one bank teller. Most of the models are from the UK, which means accents and uncut cocks, and one thing they have in common is that they all thought that getting naked on cam would be an interesting way to make some money. Some are definitely more comfortable on camera than others, especially when it comes to jerking off, pissing on camera or showing off their assholes. Also expect interesting "intro" videos where we get to know each guy, shower videos and I especially liked the story videos.

Rate These Guys now offers 44 performers, many of whom come back for repeat sessions, and the site has grown to about 430 video clips. The videos here are offered in WMV and Flash formats. There are downloadable WMVs, which are shown at 960x540 at about 2 Mbps, and for the most part, the videos are good amateur quality, although some have lighting that could be better. Sound is pretty good, and about what I'd expect for homemade videos. And for those who prefer to watch rather than download, there are streaming Flash videos shown at about 700x390 that aren't bad at all. BTW, many of the videos are between 1 and 3 minutes in length, which is why I refer to them as clips.

The site had stopped updating for a while, then started updating again. Apparently they stopped again, and are now updating with content from another site that don't follow the site's actual theme.

I did run into some other quibbles. I was disappointed that while you can browse the content by guy or latest contest winners, you can't view the videos in date order or in categories. You also can't re-sort the models, and the order they're listed by is unclear. Also I'd have liked to see a full profile for each guy - after all, the site is obviously in contact with all their performers, so how hard could it be to write up a profile? And as already mentioned, current updates aren't contestants but just regular amateurs from another gay porn site.

Rate These Guys original videos feature amateurs who work hard to get members to rate their videos highly because each model wants to win cash prizes. They try and go further, show off more skin and get nastier than the other guys in the site. Unlike other sites, here each video is short and in a particular category, and each model appears in multiple categories. The site offers about 430 original downloadable video clips in a variety of niches, but recent updates feature regular amateur guys who aren't contestants; in fact, these vids are from another site. While some of the original content isn't exactly porn, there's masturbation and anal videos, not to mention pissing, showers and more. I loved watching these straight amateur men in home videos, pushing their boundaries on video to try and win cash prizes, and I find that Rate These Guys's own content is fresh, sexy, fun and interesting, and the new amateur vids are hot although not in the site's theme.

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