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Today we're visiting Pure CFNM, a site we last reviewed years ago. I always like reviewing clothed female naked male sites since the guys here are straight and you can't usually find them on any gay site. There are a few exceptions, like massive-cocked Matt Hughes who appears on Pure CFNM and also has done a lot of gay porn in the past. While the focus is on the guys here, there's a group of female performers in every video. Most of the times these chicks remain fully clothed, while they make sure the men strip naked for their - and our - enjoyment. The performers are British, and the woman dress sexy in short skirts or lingerie. Most of them are good looking babes with lots of make-up. I have seen some pretty big tits, too.

The guys are average or good looking males from the United Kingdom, and most of them are in their twenties, although there are some some older guys as well, including some daddies. Since they are British, you will find a lot of blonds or redheads on Pure CFMN. Their bodies are athletic or slightly beefy and their cocks are uncut.

The women are in charge here, as they strip the guys naked and play with their bodies, butts and cocks. The story lines are interesting and there is enough variety, but I found some of the intros on the long side. Some of the videos only contain handjobs and blowjobs, but there are some hardcore videos in which the girls impale themselves on the guy's erect cock. There is always one guarantee, and that's a messy ending, often in the form of facials and cum eating. You will see some boobs or even pussies, and the girls are rather loud and giggly, which is something the average gay porn fan isn't used to. After this word of warning, let's see what the site has to offer.

Pure CFNM started in 2005 and has grown at a steady pace ever since. At the time of this review, there are 452 scenes inside the member area, and a new episode is added weekly. The videos are exclusive to the site and you can download them in five qualities. There are four different qualities of MP4 files, the largest one playing at 1920x1080, and there's also a WMV version which plays at the same size. Alternatively, you can stream the videos in the Flash-based video player. The default size is 988x553, but you can even enlarge the player to full screen. There are four qualities to choose from. Most of the videos here are sharp, bright and detailed, but some of the older videos are smaller and of lesser quality. The sound of some videos is a bit soft, so you may have to turn it up a bit.

Each scene comes with a matching set of photos. On average there are 200 photos in a set, and they are of good quality. The newer pics are shown at a size of 800x553, and once you download them to your computer, you will get them at a bigger size of 1600x1066. The photos from older episodes are only available at a 800x553 size. Besides the digital stills, you are getting a collection of screencaps, which are of course of lesser quality and a bit repetitive. There are hundreds of screencaps in a set, sized at 800x450. There's a hands-free slideshow and you can download the pics in zip files for both the digital stills and the screencaps.

Your membership gives you access to two more CFNM sites: "Girls Abuse Guys" and "Hey Little Dick." There's an active member forum as well. Both the bonus sites as well as the forum add value for members.

Pure CFNM doesn't have many issues, but you should know that there is a pre-checked offer on the join page. If this option is left checked, you will be signed up for an additional membership. As already mentioned, the older videos are smaller and of lesser quality, but are still decent. Also, Pure CFNM has model profiles for almost every performer on the site except for the male performers, which is a shame.

Pure CFNM has been offering clothed female naked male porn since 2005, and they prove that they really understand this niche. The men are objectified and humiliated, the site has grown to 452 exclusive videos and there's an update every week. The videos are entertaining to watch and they are of good quality. The performers are mostly good looking, horny, and seem very passionate about what they are doing. The matching photo sets, model profiles, member forum and two CFNM bonus sites make this a very complete package. Pure CFNM hits the mark for quality as well as quantity.

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