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Today we're visiting Pure CFNM, a site that opened in 2005. The clothed-female-naked-male niche is a fun one as the women are in the position of power, doing whatever they want with these nude men. It's been a while since we've visited this site, it continues to grow so it's time to head back.

The women are in charge here as they strip the guys naked and play with their bodies, butts and cocks. The story lines are interesting and there is plenty of variety. Some of the videos contain handjobs and blowjobs, and there are some fuck videos where the girls impale themselves on the guy's erect cock. There is always one guarantee, and that's a messy ending, often in the form of facials and cum eating. You will see some boobs or even pussies, and the girls are rather vocal, giggly and not afraid to make comments about a guy's cock and talk dirty to him. Sometimes the women humiliate the men, making fun of their cocks, and there are some BDSM scenes as well.

The guys are average to good looking males from the United Kingdom, and most of them are in their twenties, although there are some some older guys, as well, including some daddies who are featured in episodes including one about a step-father and another with several coeds  taking on one of their friend's dad. Since the performers are British, you will find a lot of blonds or redheads on Pure CFMN. Their bodies are athletic or slightly beefy and their cocks are uncut.

The scenarios are fun and titillating. There's the phys ed class where Jack has forgotten his gym gear again, so the teacher makes him strip naked in front of his three female classmates. They end up playing with his cock and one of the girls sucks him off. In another scene, a female doctor is conducting research into male arousal. She has four naked men lined up to have their cocks inspected, and she makes comments and notes and compares the men one with another, then she jacks off each guy and collects his sperm sample in a container. See what I mean? Fun.

Pure CFNM offers 616 exclusive videos in MP4 format, and a new episode is added weekly, so the site continues to grow. You can download the videos in three sizes – 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 854x480. You can also stream the videos in a player sized at around 974x550; the newest episodes come in three sizes and are generally sharp and clear. Older scenes come in two speeds and they're stretched to fit the same player, so the quality is average. There's a full-screen option, and the newer and higher speeds fare best. The sound of some videos is a bit soft, so you may have to turn up the volume a bit. The smaller videos are mobile compatible and each episode is also available in clips.

Each episode comes with two sets of pictures. First is a set of good quality digital stills, the newest in two sizes, 800x553 and 1600x1067; the photos from older episodes are available at 800x553. On average there are 200 photos in a set. Each video also comes with a set of screencaps, which aren't as high quality as the digital stills and are a bit repetitive. There are hundreds of screencaps in each set, sized at 1920x1080 or 640x480. There's a hands-free slideshow and you can download the pics in zip files for both the digital stills and the screencaps, and you can save pics individually.

Your membership gives you access to five CFNM bonus sites in the same network. Girls Abuse Guys features more serious play with the guys getting spanked and fucked with dildos, in Hey Little Dick the women make fun of the guys and their average or small cocks. Amateur CFNM features amateur girls and the site even encourages couples to submit their own videos; Lady Voyeurs has women watching naked men jack off, and the newest site called CFNM Games has the men and women playing party games involving jack-off and blowjob contests. All total there are 476 bonus videos. There's an active members discussion forum as well.

Pure CFNM doesn't have many issues, but you should know that there is a pre-checked offer on the join page. If this option is left checked, you will be signed up for an additional membership, but it's easy enough to uncheck. As already mentioned, the older videos are smaller and lower quality, but are still decent. Also, Pure CFNM has model profiles for almost every performer on the site except for the male performers, which is a shame.

Pure CFNM has been offering Clothed Female Naked Male porn since 2005, and they prove that they really understand this niche. The men are objectified and humiliated, the site has grown to 616 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles and there's an update every week. The videos are entertaining to watch and the newer ones are offered in full HD. The performers are mostly good looking and the episodes take place in a variety of themes and locations. The matching photo sets, model profiles, member forum and five CFNM bonus sites makes this a very complete package. Pure CFNM hits the mark for quality as well as quantity.

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