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With a name like Punishment Central there's no prize for guessing what this site is all about: Passive sub guys stripped, bound, sometimes even wrapped, but always paddled, spanked and punished. What's more, they get caught doing this on film and it's exclusive film, too, we're told. This is an ‘on the one hand' site in that, on the one hand, there's not a lot of information on the tour, but on the other you do see samples from every movie that is available inside the members' area. And it also falls into the clothed male naked male category, as the punishers stay dressed while their hapless victims are naked. This site is begging to be probed.

If you've seen the tour then you've seen the home page in the members' area; it's exactly the same. But now, as a signed up member, you get to view the full movies and you also benefit from the updates. Having said that, updates have occurred approximately once each week for a few weeks before my visit - in fact, the latest video was added hours before my visit - but the previous additions had been made ‘two months ago', possibly because the site is new.. You're not told dates on the home page, you simply get big and clear sample shots of each recent scene, and on each video's page it says something like "added: 2 weeks ago". It's simple and to the point and means you can head off quickly to the Punishment Central content, rather than getting caught up detail.

So, you select a Punishment Central video from one of those shown on the three index pages, and you discover that there are actually only 14 exclusive movies at the moment, offered in Flash format. The videos on the tour also include the bonus movies, but these are not exclusive. So let's look at the 14 exclusives. They're streaming only, and are shown at 960 x 540, which is pretty good, but even on my 10 Mbps connection the videos stopped to buffer frequently. They are high resolution here, which is good, on the one hand, but could present you with ‘start and stop' on the other. Movies run for around the 20 minute mark. There were no clips so it's full scene only, but you can choose where you start the scene from. Video sharpness and quality holds together at full screen and the sound is natural.

While there are no galleries here, you have six sample pics in thumbnail sizes, and one large sample image per movie on the index pages, and whichever image you click you always come to the movie page.

And as for the all-important action, and what takes place in a Punishment Central movies, well, that's where the fun starts. You came in hoping for red-raw asses, punished boys in pain and that delicious sound of paddle on flesh. Well, that's what you get. There are no stories here, nothing is made up, it's simply master and sub, or punisher and victim, with the naked guy between 18 and around 25 being the one who receives the punishment. Most times the boy is bound or chained up, sometimes lying down, but always nude, showing off smooth flesh, and always the dom guy is clothed and tough looking, and usually older. Nobody speaks much, leaving you free to listen to the sound of paddles, whips and hands on sizzling pink asses.

You see a total of 25 movies on the tour pages, but only 14 of them are in the Exclusive Movies area of Punishment Central. The other 12 scenes come from somewhere else, but as the site is lacking in information it's hard to say exactly where they come from. What I can tell you though is that they stick with the niche perfectly. College aged guys punished and older guys punishing them, with the masters now getting naked, too, and all kinds of hot implements are in use, from hands to crops. As with the main movies here you are able to rate scenes and add them to a favorites area, and you've got a place where you can make up your own profile.

There is a lot I would have liked to have seen at Punishment Central: more movies, though they should come in time if the update schedule stays as it is; more galleries, more information about the guys and the videos, the punishments too, and perhaps some extras like stories or information about the BDSM scene. Oh yes, I'd like to see video downloads. And perhaps lower bandwidth streaming videos, as well.

Punishment Central is a very open and honest place to be: the tour shows you exactly what you are going to find and the site stays with the promised niche. It's nothing but naked 18 to 25 year old boys being spanked, whipped and generally punished, humiliated and degraded, and that's what we came to see. The quality is fine, though the videos are streaming only, and did a lot of pausing to buffer. There is lots of room for expansion and improvement, but so far, so good with a solid (but small) collection of exclusive spanking movies that you won't have seen before.

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