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Prowler Boys is a site from the CJXXX network that offers a gay take on a popular straight porn theme. A couple of guys drive around in their SUV hunting for guys to fuck. When they spot an appealing prospect, they stop and convince him to join them in the back seat for some dick sucking and ass fucking. The producer, who is never seen, sweetens the pot with a promise of a fee, the guy hops in and the back-seat threeway gets underway.

The performers are Brits in their early to mid twenties. They're fit, smooth and sport uncut cocks. Their bodies range from slim to athletic builds, and some of the guys have quite nicely defined and muscular (but not too muscular) physiques. I saw lots of trimmed pubes, and several guys were completely shaved down there. As well, a couple have some face scruff as if they've gone a couple of days without shaving, and one guy has a full, trimmed beard. A few of these studs have a tattoo or two, and a couple were quite heavily inked. I recognized a few porn performers including JP Dubois and Luke Desmond as well as some more familiar faces including AJ Chambers and Josh Hancock.

Once a guy hops in the back seat, he usually sits between the other two and the fun begins. They fondle and kiss, then the cocks come out and the stroking and sucking begins; all the while the SUV makes its way down the highway or meanders through city streets - you can see the city as they drive through it, although sometimes they park in a secluded area and in at least one episode they head indoors. With three guys in the back seat, you can imagine that things are pretty cramped, but they still find a way to fuck. The picked-up guy is usually the bottom and the other two share his mouth and ass.

After everyone blows their wads, sometimes the scene takes an unexpected turn. The guys get out of the SUV under the pretense of having a cigarette, then while the freshly fucked dude is smoking, the others jump back in the vehicle and it speeds off. They leave the guy at the side of road without that fee he was promised. Not every scene ends this way, but a lot do. Sometimes the guys do some fucking in the car and then head off to someone's house to finish up.

Prowler Boyz offers 46 videos in MP4 format. The downloadable vids are sized at 720x576 or 1920x1080, depending on the age of the video, plus there's a smaller version at 640x360 for mobiles. Video quality is good amateur, although there is some interlacing (scan lines) in videos that can be a bit distracting when it appears over sections of the vids where there's action. You can also stream the videos in a player sized at about 800x460 at fairly good amateur quality, and while the streaming videos aren't offered in additional qualities or sizes, you can enlarge them to full screen, the newer ones faring best.

The site also offers 48 picture sets. These contain fairly good quality screencaps sized at either 1024x576 or 1920x1080. The pics can be downloaded individually or you can save entire sets in zip files, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the arrows to the left and right of each photo. Btw, beneath each full sized pic are a row of truly tiny thumbs only a few pixels in either direction, too small to see the action but you can click on any of them if you want to play "photo roulette".

As mentioned, Prowler Boyz is part of a gay porn network giving members access to 31 bonus sites covering a wide variety of gay porn categories from twinks to rough daddies, Asian guys to barebacking, European men and foot fetish plus more. There are plenty of videos and a number of the sites update weekly or bi-weekly, although other sites no longer update or are recycling updates. And there's also a video archive featuring content from a number of feeds.

When it comes to issues, the most important is that the site stopped updating; the last update was added August 25, 2016. Next, the non-recurring monthly membership is priced $20 higher than the recurring month. Prowler Boys lists the performer names, but these aren't clickable, so you can't find more of their scenes, and there's no model index. The site does offer "similar scene" recommendations on each video's page, but these may be from Prowler Boys or one of the other network sites, and I'd prefer to have clickable tags as it would make it easier to find the entire list of my favorite niches like blonds, hairy guys or big cocks.

Prowler Boys offers horny British guys picking up hot guys and then sucking and fucking in threesomes in the back seat of an (often moving) SUV. The action is hot, the theme is fun and most of the cocks are uncut. The site offers 46 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and although it no longer updates, a big draw is that members get access to 31 more network sites that give you tons of videos in a variety of gay porn niches plus a large video collection. And, of course, Prowler Boyz' core videos are hot and fun to watch!

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