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Private Boy Movie features Asian twinks and amateurs in a mix of hardcore - and nasty - gay sex and solo guys showing their stuff. The models here are a mix of slender (and sometimes skinny) Asian guys from 18 to somewhere in their twenties; some are super cute, some are more average guys, and you'll also find a mix of models with unshaved pubic hair and hairy assholes where others have trimmed or even shaved pubes. Most of them have smooth bodies, and while some have tattoos, lots are ink-free. And let me tell you, a lot of these guys aren't shy on camera; in fact, compared to some other Asian sites, a lot of these guys are horny and don't mind showing off their freshly fucked holes. A lot of the photo shoots are solos that show off the bottoms after they've been boned.

The action here is sometimes down and dirty stuff. Yes, there's fucking and sucking, some of it interracial white-on-Asian, but there's also lots of sex toys being unabashedly shoved into tight or sometimes gaping Asian assholes, a few fisting sessions, dildo play, and a couple horny guys takes golf balls up their asses. There are some barebacking sessions that sometimes lead to cum-dripping asses, some threesomes and foursomes, plenty of rimjobs, and at least 1 enema session where the bottom squirts water out of his ass. I found that the sex here was sometimes pretty creative, as well as hot.

Private Boy Movie offers 147 videos, plus 31 videos in the archives for a total of 177 vids, and while that's not as much growth as I would have expected after several years, the site is now updating with a new video and a new photo set every week. The newer videos are available in WMV and MP4 formats, the WMVs sized at 1920x1080 plus a couple smaller sizes, and the MP4s at 1280x720 and aimed at iPad and Android devices. These newer videos are pretty good amateur quality. The older videos are available in WMV format as 1280x720 full scenes and there are also two slightly smaller versions that are each half of the video. All the vids can also be streamed except for those in the archive.

There are also 164 picture sets. These are good amateur quality digital stills, the newer ones sized at 1280x1920 and the older at 683x1024. I was pretty happy with the picture sets, which are solos and show off the guys' personalities really well. There's also some gaping sex toy play, closeups of hard cocks, feet and assholes, and of course there's masturbation and cumshots. The pics can be individually saved or each set can be downloaded as a zip file.

Private Boy Movie members also get access to Boy Intruder, a small site that focuses on twinks and amateurs whose asses are penetrated by fingers, sex toys and cocks in exclusive, downloadable videos plus pic sets. You'll find guys from various countries, some black on white interracial, a couple Asian amateurs, and models from around Europe.

Does the site have any issues? In my opinion, not many. When you log into the site, you get a choice of the old or the new member area, and the page that gives you that choice has a small, animated pop-over appear in the lower right corner of the page. Also some may not be happy about the small ads on the right side of the page that lead to a third party chat site. But for the most part, this seems to be an honest site that delivers on their promises.

Private Boy Movie features slender Asian twinks and average guys sucking cock, fucking, playing with sex toys, rimming and catching loads of cum, as well as some kinkier stuff like fisting sessions. The site adds a new video and a new picture set every week, and there are 177 videos, 147 of which are offered in HD, and all of which are available for download. The 164 picture sets show off the guys well, and there's plenty of gaping, jerking and nasty stuff, even though the pic sets are solo. To tell you the truth, I really liked the content this site had to offer - the performers are really engaged with the camera and each other, something we don't see often enough. I recommend checking out Private Boy Movie if you're into Asian amateurs and twinks.

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