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Pride Movie Pass offers DVD titles from such studios as Legend, Pure Filth, Daddy Oohhh! Productions, Bacchus and Macho Man Video, to name just a few. You'll find a wide variety of guys sucking, fucking, stroking and shooting their loads here. There are twinks, black studs, muscle hunks, average guys, men in uniform, Latinos, European guys, men in leather, although I didn't find any Asian performers. And like any group of men, looks vary: expect handsome and hot hunks, cute and boyish guys, rough and tattooed men, not to mention regular guy types, and just about everything in between.

There's variety when it comes action. Expect threeways, locker room sex, facial cumshots, interracial, sucking and fucking, barebacking, sex toy play, and all sorts of fucking from slow and smooth to rough ass pounding. While there's some leather, foot fetish, sling, light dungeon and bondage action in the fetish category, you won't find fisting, piss or extreme bondage. You will find some men in military and cop uniform scenarios, and a lot of the muscle daddies in the site are found in the fetish section, which is handy to know since the Mature category has no DVDs listed.

Pride Movie Pass claims to offer over 4000 scenes from 1000+ DVD titles, but I was unable to accurately count the number of DVDs inside the site. They don't offer a way to list all the DVDs, and pretty much every title appears in more than one category, but many categories listed under 20 titles and some didn't list any. I was surprised to discover that one of the largest categories on the site is Tranny, offering 268 DVDs. There are 766 titles in cumshots, and as far as I can tell, almost all the non-tranny titles are listed there, so I'm guessing there the listed DVD total is correct. The site also claims to update daily, but I did find a way to list the date each DVD was added, and the last update was in 2008.

Each DVD can be watched by scene, and each scene can be watched as a full scene or in clips at 640x480 and another, slightly smaller size. The videos are streaming MP4s and quality varies from average to pretty good, depending on the source material. Keep in mind that some of the vids are from professional porn studios, others are classics or amateur productions, which wouldn't have the same visual quality. The videos can be expanded to full screen, and while you'll notice a loss of quality, some are much better than others when they fill your monitor.

Now let's talk about issues. first off, there are a couple pre-checked offers on the join page that sign you up for additional site memberships, so be sure and read them before you join. Next, "Unlimited DVD Downloads" appears at the top of every page, but there are no downloads offered - all the vids are streaming-only. Although every scene is offered in 3 sizes including HD, I didn't find 1 video that was available in HD. Also, as already mentioned, some categories don't actually have any DVDs.

Here's one other thing that's sort of good news/bad news. At the time of this review, trial members get limited access to the site's content, but it could be worth signing up for a trial anyway since trial memberships recur at $10 less per month than the cost of a regular monthly membership. Be sure to check before you sign up as this could change over time.

Pride Movie Pass delivers thousands of videos from hundreds of DVD titles. While that's a lot of sucking, fucking, group sex, masturbation and cum, a lot of these videos aren't all that recent, yet aren't old enough to be classics. Since the site doesn't update, that's not going to change, so check the titles on the tour to get an idea of what you'll find in the member area. While the site may not deliver on all their promises, and almost a third of the DVD titles are tranny, not gay, there's still a lot of streaming videos. Pride Movie Pass might be a good fit for the casual porn fan who's looking for quantity and variety.

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