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Powerman Priest is a handsome bodybuilder who appears to be in his mid to late twenties, and his eponymous site is where you can watch him flex and show off his body, as well as see him jacking off and playing around in some kinky, non-sex scenes with some of his muscle buddies. This sexy hunk has big shoulders, bulging biceps, nicely carved and meaty pecs, six-pack abs, powerful thighs, and a beefy ass. He's averagely hung but isn't shy about showing his junk, playing with his cock, or talking dirty to the camera.

There are a decent number of videos of Powerman Priest posing and flexing, as well as jacking his dick in solo videos, and when he masturbates, he cums, too. One video called "Dual Muscle Worship" has Priest and another bodybuilder, Frank "the Tank" DeFeo, walk into his apartment; they stand in front of the camera talking to someone they call Paul. They pose and flex and ask Paul if he's ready to see they hard bodies. (We never see Paul.) They strip out of their clothes, oil their bodies up, then taunt and tease us with their cocks, which they stiffen in their own fists as they jack off side by side. They talk dirty, asking Paul if he wants to gag on their cocks or see them cum. The video is just over 15 minutes long and ends with the hunks unloading their nuts on the floor.

Another video, called "Clothe Pinned," has Powerman Priest getting home from a shift at the hospital (I assume, since he's wearing scrubs). He heads into his bedroom where a masked stranger jumps him. When Priest comes to, his hands are restrained and strung up on his bedroom door. The intruder fondles Priest, and at first he cuts nipple holes in Priest's shirt and pinches his nips, then he cuts his clothes off with scissors. When the bodybuilder is naked, the masked man clips clothes pins up and down both sides of his torso, then he leaves Priest to thrash his body against the door growling, "Argh. Let me out of here." There are about 10 of these types of scenes where Priest is bound or restrained and roughed up a little, although there's no genital play. In one video he's tied to a treadmill and DeFeo beats his ass with a riding crop to make him walk faster.

There are only a couple of workout videos, not as many as I was expecting. Most of the videos are filmed indoors, but there's a few filmed on the beach, and one of these has Priest grappling with another hunk in a wrestling session. There are a couple of shower sessions, then lots of bedroom and livingroom jack-off scenes.

There are 40 exclusive videos at Powerman Priest, and these are offered in streaming Flash. They play back at 476x356 and they're average amateur productions that look okay at their original size but don't fare very well in full-screen mode. I found a couple of old videos that were only 320x240. Your membership does not include downloadable versions of the videos, but you can purchase them for an extra cost if you wish. While most of the videos include full nudity, not all of them feature hard-ons, masturbation or cumshots.

There are 45 picture galleries offering from 5 to 90 digital stills in each set. You can view these in thumbnail galleries and save the pictures individually, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files. The pictures are good quality and display around 400x600. And these sets feature Powerman Priest both nude and wearing a variety of clothing like workout gear, denim, pajamas, underwear and jockstraps, shorts and a wrestling singlet. Four of the sets were duos of Priest and other bodybuilders posing and flexing in their workout clothes.

Unfortunately Powerman Priest falls short in a number of areas. First and foremost, none of the videos are dated but many of the videos are watermarked 2011 or earlier, so I'm fairly certain the site is no longer adding new content. Also many of the videos are watermarked with other site names, so they're not exclusive. I don't like that members have to buy the downloadable videos at extra cost, averaging $13 to $15 each. Parts of the site are unfinished, like the "Downloads" section, which only features "coming soon" on the page. And I was disappointed that the site doesn't have any descriptions or information about the other guys appearing with Priest.

Finally, I expected to see a profile with Priest's stats, information about his workout routine and even personal information about who he is and what he likes either in or out of bed, even what he eats for breakfast, but there's nothing. Even Powerman Priest's Facebook page lacks any personal information about the man and seems to be run by Frank DeFeo, who maintains this site along with a small family of other muscle worship sites. Most of the photos on the Facebook page are of other men, not Powerman Priest - to be honest with you, it seems like Powerman Priest has left the building.

Powerman Priest is a handsome muscle hunk with a gorgeous muscular and beefy body - he's definitely very easy on the eyes. His site has 40 small-sized streaming videos, I'm almost 100% sure that it's not updating at all. I liked the variety of videos which featured both solo jack-off sessions and some kinky bondage scenes with muscle worship and some rough play. The site isn't expensive, so I think overall you'll get your money's worth, but I'd be surprised if you stayed longer than a month.

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