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Porn Hub is a tube site where surfers find oodles of free gay porn from porn studios as well as amateurs who upload their homemade videos. Porn Hub Premium offers the site's membership section that promises ad-free browsing, HD videos, Virtual Reality videos, and exclusive full-length videos from a number of producers. So join me while I check out the site.

Porn Hub is a virtual gay amusement park where you'll find a wide variety of porn in thousands of videos. What sets this tube site apart from others is the draw of homemade videos uploaded by amateur guys. If you've always wanted to be a porn star, just fire up your camera, get your dick hard and drain your balls or suck off a buddy, then upload the video and presto! you're a porn star. Well, that's the theory anyway.

You can sort the videos on Porn Hub by professional or homemade or not at all. Unfortunately, not all of those homemade videos are the real deal; I saw many videos from professional porn sites in the amateur section. You can also browse a number of categories like Asian, bareback, bear, Euro, hunks, interracial, muscle, straight guys, and twink, to name but a few. As well, there's a sorting feature that displays videos of a certain length, like longer than 20 minutes, for example, and you can also select to show only HD videos.

If you still haven't found exactly what you're looking for, there are almost 400 channels that contain videos from well-known producers like Sean Cody, TIM Suck, Bear Films, Bel Ami, Blake Mason, but there are also many producers that I didn't know. There's a small pornstar section with a few dozen of the most popular performers. And there's also a free-form search engine on the site.

I can't tell you how many videos are on Porn Hub Premium because they're not organized in a way that I can easily count. But I did a search for "bareback" and got 33,482 results, searching for "twinks" I got 43,167, "bears" got me 7,396, and "muscle" netted 21,490, so there's quite a lot of videos here. One more note about the videos: you will find full-length videos here both from amateur and professional producers, but most of the content provided by gay porn sites is short previews of a full scene that are under 10 minutes.

You can play the videos right on the site and they stream at 976x546. There's a "large player" option that gives you a bigger viewing area and there's a full-screen option as well. But I watched an amateur video that was only 732x546, so you'll have to be flexible with your expectations. As well, that amateur video wasn't very crisp, others had lighting issues, neither surprising for amateur content, but others were quite good.

You can also download the videos in MP4 format; most come with two standard sizes of 176x144 and 428x240, beyond that some had a third size at 640x360 or bigger, and others have a fourth HD version at 1280x720 or even 1920x1080. As well, the videos are produced on all kinds of equipment by professionals and amateurs alike, so keep an open mind.

There is a photo section, too, that contains both amateur and professional pictures. You can view them, save them individually, share them with friends via social media, you can like or unlike them, comment on them, or flag them in your favorites. They come in all different sizes and qualities, and again, I can't give you a total of galleries or pictures because they're impossible to count. There's also a neat feature called a GIF Generator that allows you to paste a video's URL into the software and create a 10-second animated GIF.

But so far I haven't come across anything that you don't already get on the free version of Porn Hub. So is the Premium membership worth paying for? You'll get 1,100 DVDs and a few are from well-known producers like Treasure Island Media, Naked Sword, and Bareback RT XXX, but a lot of the DVDs are up to 15 years old or better. That's not a bad thing, but it's worth mentioning. There's a Premium section that has 36 HD videos from a mix of producers and they play at 976x546 with the same options as the other videos. Some of the DVDs and Premium videos can be downloaded, others can't at the request of the producer. And I didn't see any of these videos that were added with the past two months.

I compared Porn Hub and Porn Hub Premium in a three video spot check to see if I could find any hidden extras. "Thick Russian Cock and Twink" is a full video that was offered in both the free and premium versions of the site, "Benn Heights Tops Ethan Slade" is a seven-minute preview, and "Mike De Marko Beating Off in Bed" is another full-length video, and these are offered on both the premium and free version of the site. So where the bulk of the content is concerned, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the free and paid versions of the site. I even saw plenty of HD videos on the free version. The tour did mention Virtual Reality porn, but I didn't see any in the gay section.

One benefit of joining Porn Hub Premium is that you won't see any ads - well, except that many of the full scenes have links under the player to join the site the videos is from. I don't know if banner-free browsing, 1,110 older DVDs, and a handful of HD movies is worth paying for, but you can test drive the site for a week before you're charged the $9.95 monthly membership fee. Once inside you'll find a cam section called Live Sex that you need to pay extra to fully enjoy, so it is sort of an ad, and I think Porn Hub rotates various cam services in this area because the first time I entered it there were women only, but a subsequent visit had a different design and featured guy cams as well.

There are a few shortcomings here. First, there's no tour - just a page urging you to sign up for the free seven-day trial, so there's no way to see what they're offering until you get inside. Next, the site says they update daily, and that could be true, but nothing is dated so I can't discuss a detailed schedule. As already mentioned, many of the videos aren't full scenes - they're preview videos - and many of the amateur videos are actually professionally shot porn vids. The single page before you join talks a lot about offering full HD videos, but while I did come across some HD vids, some weren't full HD, and many videos aren't HD at all. Last, I didn't find the virtual reality videos promised on the tour; perhaps the straight version of the site has some.

Porn Hub Premium gets a mixed review from me. Yes, there are thousands of videos here, but I'd say most of them are preview clips of longer videos that are available on just about every other tube site out there. And while they can be as long as ten minutes, they usually stop short of the cumshot to encourage you to buy a membership from the sponsoring site. There are full-length videos here, too, there are also 1,100 DVDs, and a couple of dozen other HD videos in the Premium section. The biggest draw for me is the homemade videos uploaded by amateur guys, but you don't need a Premium membership to watch these, and many aren't true amateur vids. In the end, the biggest benefit of the Premium membership is the absence of ads, but whether that's worth paying for is up to you.

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