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Polish Boys Feet offers real amateur straight guys having their bare feet worshiped and played with. Sometimes the foot play is gentle rubbing and toe sucking, others times it's tickling or harsh foot slapping or caning. And sometimes there's cock or ass play. All in all, there's quite a variety of action here and a good-looking bunch of guys, so join me while I check it out.

The site is run by Lukasz who's in his late twenties and is clearly passionate about guys and their feet. There are plenty of photos of the guys wearing various footwear and socks, and then we get a good look at their bare feet with lots of pictures of their soles, squishing socks between their toes or spreading them and holding their feet in the air. Lukasz is more enamored with soles, but the newer sets show plenty of toes and tops of feet, as well.

These guys at Polish Boys Feet range from 18 to their mid-twenties. There are lots of good-looking lads here, some cute and others handsome, and there are a few average ones, too. The guys sport slim to athletic bodies, many defined and some muscular, although not overly so; they are largely smooth with uncut cocks. You'll find college guys and a few skinheads here as well as jocks into all kinds of sports, skateboarders and some everyday average guys.

Each guy's bio page displays his pictures and videos with lots of background on who he is and what turns him on. There's a stats section listing his age, his foot size in European, British and American sizes, his sexual orientation (which is usually straight) and whether he's ticklish or not; some guys also have height, weight and dick size stats.

There's a wide variety of action like rubbing, licking, toe sucking, face rubbing, smelling soles and massaging. There are also quite a few bathtub scenes where guys wash their feet. But it's not all foot play; there's lots of tickling with fingers and other things, there's bondage that includes tickling but also bastinado (foot beating) with riding crops, canes, leather straps or bare hands. And there are a couple of guys who endure extreme play getting their bare soles tormented with cigarettes; another gets his feet scalded with hot water in the bathtub. There is some sex, too, with guys jacking their cocks, getting blowjobs or having fingers and small dildos inserted in their butts. One guy kneels on the bed and gets his hole fingered and dick stroked until he shoots his creamy load.

While you're not going to see full nudity or cock in every video or pic set, most models do strip and show cock and ass. Bartek is a 23-year-old university student wearing underwear during his bound tickling and bastinado videos, but he has three photos galleries showing him completely nude and one where he's getting his ass stretched. Leon is a sexy personal trainer who gets his bare feet tickled and beaten while wearing shorts and track pants, Lukasz holds his feet and beats them with various things while the stud curls and wiggles his toes. And there are plenty of guys willing to allow Lukasz to play with their dicks and assholes.

Polish Boys Feet offers 97 exclusive videos in downloadable, DRM-free WMV format. All the the oldest are sized at 1280x720 (the oldest are sized at 640x480) at amateur to fairly good amateur quality. Sometimes the lighting is dim, so the picture quality isn't always as crisp as I'd like. The videos have sound, but the guys speak Polish with no subtitles. You can also just play the downloadable videos by clicking instead of saving, but the site doesn't offer streaming vids, so you'll have to wait for the videos to buffer.

There are also 153 picture sets, most found in the model section but 18 sets in Auditions. All but the oldest sets offer digital stills sized at 797x1200. The pictures are pretty good quality - the newest are very good quality, sharp and clear - and you can view them in galleries containing 75 or more pics. The oldest pics are a little smaller and quality isn't as good, but they're still worth viewing. A few of the picture sets can be downloaded in rar files (that should open just like a zip file) that contain the pics at a much larger size of 2848x4288. There are no slideshows, and most of the sets aren't available in downloadable zip files, but you can save pictures individually.

Many of the models return for more than one session, but also many of the pic sets and videos appear to be only part of a full session. It's not really a problem as the sessions are long and have multiple types of action, so each vid or gallery focus on a single type of action.

The site offers a section called "Malestars" with 18 pictures galleries featuring various Polish athletes and actors barefoot or in socks. There's also a section called "Socks" where you can order a pair of socks worn for a week by any of the models on the site. For the price of a six-month membership, these stinky socks can be yours.

Now let's talk about updates. The latest five updates are dated, and judging by those dates, updates are pretty random. The most recent update was a little over a month ago, the one before was nine days after the previous, and it seems that usually updates happen anywhere from 10 to 28 days apart. Sometimes the updates include a video and picture set, sometimes just a picture set.

A membership here is very inexpensive, so I feel bad complaining about anything, but the site could be better organized. Currently the content is arrange by model so there is no centralized area to find all the videos; you have to click to each guy's page to discover whether he has pictures, videos or both. But at the same time, this set-up forces you to explore the guys and check out their profiles, which can be titillating and fun. In another navigation stumble, the MOVIES section is videos for sale, not videos included for members.

Some of the oldest videos are only available to purchase, and the slightly newer sets have a mix of videos are included with memberships (usually marked MEMBERS) and some that require additional payment (marked SHOP). I didn't include the vids requiring additional payment in the video count - the number of vids here only includes the videos available for members.

The strength of Polish Boys Feet is the content with a wide variety of foot play and cute guys. The site owner is passionate about his kink; even his written descriptions show how turned on he is by these guys and their feet. And he loves playing with them - I would, too, as there are so many good-looking lads here. I wouldn't mind if the site was better organized, but at the same time, I enjoyed poking around in each guy's section and discovering more about him and seeing what kinds of things Lukasz got up to with him. Polish Boys Feet gets full marks for personality and creativity, and foot fetishists should be pretty turned on by the offering here.

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