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Playgirl is a name that probably needs no introduction, and you probably already have a good idea of what a Playgirl guy is like. But what surprised me when I visited the site was that some of the guys are gay porn performers. For example, slim, cute gay porn models such as Turk Melrose (once a twink, now a jock) are there alongside bodybuilder and porn actor Zeb Atlas, gay porn stars like hunky Adam Killian and Blu Kennedy. Then there's a line-up of gorgeous guys, toned and fit and smooth, who clearly work out and look after their bodies, and a few average guys as well.

You'll see masculine mid-30s and older guys with defined bodies and hard dicks, as well as cute, younger 18+ guys making their first inroads into modeling. The performers are a mix of are shaved and hairy, mainly white and Latin, although though some ebony guys such as Sean Michaels make appearances. Many performers are muscular and there's a nice mix of cut and uncut cocks in sizes from average to really impressive. Think "classic male" and you'll have a good idea of what this site has to offer.

Playgirl is all about three things; firstly, the main drive of the content is towards solo guy videos. Here your jock or hunk slowly strips down as pleasing jazz music plays; he gets his dick hard and sensuously masturbates until he cums. The guys pleasure themselves in various surroundings; at home, in the shower, anywhere were a solo jerk off might conceivably take place, and they do it with style. There are then some scenes with a guy and a girl, and although some of these are hardcore, they stay focused on the guys. And when I say hardcore, I mean blowjobs and fucking are involved, but the accent is really on the sensual rather than the graphic. Secondly there are galleries, also showing you hot hunks in solo photo shoots, posing and playing. And thirdly there are the Playgirl Magazines on offer with their glamour guy shoots and articles.

When we visited Playgirl in 2014 we found over 500 videos, 455 picture sets, and 36 electronic magazines. I was surprised, therefore, to find that the first update at this newly updated site was dated 2015. I got the impression, after looking around, that the site had been re-vamped and started anew and so it has. The newest videos are dated two months and two days ago, so we should have been seeing video updates by now. There has been one picture set update added 23 days ago.

There were 709 videos, and checking the upload dates I could see that the first piece of content was listed as being added in March 2015 when the site was apparently relaunched. Movies are listed as HD on the tour, but I found that downloads are offered at 720x480 with some at 640x360 (and should play on most mobiles), and while the videos are shown in a larger player - around 1015x562 - they seem to be the same movies that are offered for download but stretched at a larger size, which works better for the newer than the older vids. Movies run for 10 to 20 minutes, with 10 being an average time for the many manly solos. The quality is good when watched as downloads in terms of light, filming and performances, and there was no DRM in use. When streamed the older videos are grainy and pixelated, but the new ones were pretty good.

In the galleries area there are 118 photo sets, some of them linked to and from the videos. Numbers of pics per set vary from 30 to over 150, and large sample shots are listed on index pages with each gallery's photo count, upload date, and with rollover images. Click to view the full set and you find large thumbnails leading to full sized pics at 370x460. There are through-navigation buttons for easy browsing but that size is a bit on the small side; you can also download the full sets in up to three choices of image size, right up to around 1064x1600. The quality is excellent, with great photography, good lighting and of course sexy models knowing how to pose, whether they're dressed or naked, and whether the action is soft or hard.

When it comes to bonuses, members get access to 32 Playgirl Magazines delivered online. The site takes a little while to load the covers, and then you can click any of the covers to see the centerfolds, articles and more. It's worth mentioning that the pages are shown small and out of aspect ratio on the pages, so I'd suggest either viewing each page as a jpg (yes, the covers are jpgs) or saving it and viewing it from your computer.

There are some additional bonuses in an area called Keyclub Porn. This is a non-exclusive collection of straight and gay DVD scenes. The page states that there are over 52,200 of them (I didn't count, but there's a lot here), and there's a category list so you can filter. There was no gay/straight filter but there are categories such as Twink and Big Cock. Some of these bonus movies are HD and can be filtered as such, and there are streams in medium and low resolutions, too.

Now let's talk issues. The tour promises HD videos, but I didn't find any; the downloads are standard definition, and as far as I can tell the streaming versions are the same videos, just stretched to a larger size. I think the site would do better to show the older videos in a smaller player so they won't lose so much sharpness and clarity when streamed, and there are only 32 models listed with profiles on the HUNKS page; some of my favorites from this site weren't listed there at all.

I found that the link to the Playgirl Blog took me outside the tour and had porn related news and some stories, while the link to the live cams leads off site to a third-party live cam site; both of these links open in new tabs. Since the site was relaunched, the dates were updated on all the videos, and no new videos have been added in just over two months, however the videos have been re-ordered. Last, as already mentioned, the only update listed on the tour under "Latest Scenes" is actually not a scene at all, it's a photo set that was added 23 days ago.

Playgirl has had a re-vamp, and the site is easier to use. As with the older version, what's there is the high quality photo content, the totally horny hunky models, the attention to quality in the video shoots, and the velvety smooth presentation. There are 709 exclusive videos to download, stream or play on your mobiles, and the 118 pic sets are delish. It's good to see that more recent content seems to be slipping gracefully towards the celebration of the solo male hunk, with some gay porn stars now appearing, but while there's some straight content, we've yet to see much, if any, guy/guy action. There are plenty of hot males to fuel your imagination, some good, downloadable videos, and a nice package of extras.

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